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by Austin Ruhoff on October 25, 2011

We are excited to launch our new blog focused on mats and their application in facilities and businesses. It might not seem like a very exciting topic, but the fact is that many people take mats and rugs for granted. A custom logo mat or entry mat can really add a lot of character to a business’s decor.


In addition to adding color to your office a mat will help maintain the integrity of your floors and carpet. During the winter months sidewalks and parking lots collect grit, salt, and sand which ends up being tracked through all of your offices and hallways. Any business owners knows that cleaning staff is not cheap, so anything that can help keep dirt to a minimum is a great way to keep cleaning costs to a minimum.

ZZ714D9F6D.jpgAt Ultimate Mats we will use this blog to discuss the usage of a mat in a office environment, the difference between several varying styles of mats, and how our business can help you best apply our outstanding collection of mats to keep your facility clean. This blog is not a platform for us to sale our product, although we are likely to point out a few of our products from time to time. The purpose of this blog is to inform and educate our readers and customers about the usage of mats and answer any questions you might have. You can connect with us on our social networks which are linked at the top-right of this page. Feel free to post a question on our Facebook Wall or send us a Tweet. We’ll quickly answer your question or comment.

We encourage our readers to subscribe to our blog via email using the form to the right. That way you won’t ever miss another blog post. They will be sent directly to your email. And of course we will never sale, rent, or in any way use your email for anything except to send you blog updates.

Thanks for reading and we look forward to starting the discussion on the many different types of blogs and their uses.

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