Best Mats For Businesses

by Austin Ruhoff on March 28, 2012

Maintaining a clean workplace does not require an extensive janitorial staff. Strategically placed mats throughout your facility will ensure that your floors stay clean and clear of fall hazards.

A logo mat placed at the main entrance of your office will begin the process by essentially scrubbing your visitors’ feet and providing additional advertising. WaterHog Logo Inlay, Classic Impressions, SuperScrape Impressions, and Luxor Logo custom logo mats will provide a unique and color solution to your building’s entryway. Having your logo will initiate the marketing of your business before they enter.

Furthermore, entry mats are designed to stop grime from entering a building. WaterHog Classic, Fashion, and Grand Classic entry mats offer exceptional beauty and functionality by trapping dirt and moisture beneath shoe level. The WaterHog line of entry mats has mastered the design with its rubber reinforced face nubs to produce a scraping tool that will never crush.

Finally, anti fatigue mats, endorsed by doctors and chiropractors, will provide more comfortable work conditions for employees. Reduced spinal compression and increased comfort will promote employee wellness, increase productivity, and worker morale. Properly positioned anti fatigue mats will also resist liquids, making them ideal for wet or oily floors.

No matter what style you choose, all of our mats are easy to clean and are approved by the National Floor Safety Institute ensuring a safe working environment for many years.

At Ultimate Mats we take time to educate and guide our customers as they make designs based on their specific needs. Our selection of premium mats ensures you get the best product on the market and our low prices guarantees each mat is a great value.

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