Keeping Your Business as Safe as Possible

by Austin Ruhoff on April 25, 2012

Your place of business may seem to be a healthy and safe atmosphere for your workers and customers, but are you sure of that? According the United States Department of Labor, injuries and illnesses in the office are far from uncommon!

The Bureau of Labor Statistics offers the latest numbers on their website from 2010 (the latest figures shown). They are as follows:

  • 3,063,400 non fatal injuries and illnesses were recorded
  • 933,200 cases involved the employee being unable to work for days
  • 370,130 involved sprains, strains, and tears
  • 185,270 involved back injuries
  • 208,470 involved falls
  • 4,547 cases were fatal injuries

ZZ19504C5F.jpgThese numbers are serious and alarming. This is why it is so important to make sure your employees are comfortable and feel secure and safe in your office. And, if you are a business with frequent customer traffic, such as a retailer or restaurant, you understand the risk is that much higher.

Mats are a proven way to reduce slips and falls, and increase employee comfort and overall safety as well. At Ultimate Mats, we provide you with mats that are not just beautiful to look at but enhance safety and employee comfort. Depending on what you are seeking and for what purpose, we offer custom logo mats to create a positive first, professional and safe impression for when customers enter through your doors to functional, comfortable orthopedic mats to reduce employee strains, pains and body fatigue that comes from standing while on the job.

Call our friendly, qualified staff at Ultimate Mats to see how we can find you the perfect mat you need at the size and price you want. We guarantee no haggling and will give you the best prices and services upfront!

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