Making That First Impression Count

by Austin Ruhoff on May 23, 2012

ZZ631A1CC8.jpgWhile businesses would never willingly create a bad first impression with customers or visitors, did you know that great first impressions are rarely about service? Many customers rank employee friendliness and overall cleanliness as top reasons they choose initial positive vibes. So that means that regardless of what happens after the first minute when someone walks through your organization’s doors, the initial impressions are already established.

If you are a restaurant owner or a business that in any way relates to hygiene, such as anything medical, customers not only expect—but demand—a clean environment. It is especially important in the entrance (including outdoor entrance into the business itself), the restrooms and front service areas. If your place is in need of a good mop job, has dirty or streaked windows, or just seems overall “dingy,” then most individuals will determine your place is a “go-to” establishment for the future. Overflowing trash receptacles, a bad smell, our lack of proper paper products in restrooms will influence a person taking their business elsewhere. And don’t forget to look down at the feet with entry mats and welcoming touches, because your customers do for sure.


At Ultimate Mats, we have a wide variety of quality, durable and welcoming mats so that your customers and employees alike feel they are in a comfortable and clean environment that will get noticed—at reduced prices! We stock other mats as well, so depending on your focus, we offer ones that will have you covered!

Be sure to check out our anti-fatigue mats for employees who must be on their feet all day, logo mats when you want to create that strong positive first impression, entry mats with focus on capturing dirt and moisture, and internal mats.

Check out our website to see what mats you may be interested, then give us a call. Our affordable prices, quality products and friendly service are why are customers keep coming back!

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