What is a WaterHog Mat Anyway?

by Austin Ruhoff on March 15, 2012

ZZ15A7EC8C.jpgWe’re sometimes asked what makes a WaterHog special, and whether it is truly any different than any other entry mat being sold on the market today. That’s a great question, and we are excited and proud to be able to explain about the WaterHog difference.

If you have a business or company where customers and/or employees are entering from the outside elements, you need to have some mat in place to help stop rain, snow, mud, dirt, and sand from being tracked in to your establishment. Not only do you want a mat to trap in dirt and moisture for the purpose of cleanliness, but you want to accomplish it to minimize any possible risks of slips and falls as well.

WaterHog is our top selling entry mat, and it rises above the competition is many different aspects. It features a one-of-a-kind rubber reinforced face nubs and has a crush-proof waffle design. Even more impressive, it features an exclusive water dam border that traps in dirt and moisture. So, in essence, our mat multitasks because it both absorbs water and scrapes debris from shoes.

We feature a video on our website that shows the differences between an ordinary entry mat and our WaterHog design. It showcases sand being poured on the mat along with water, and then what happens when people walk across it. The sand is very applicable, not only for sand used in winter months to dry up moisture such as snow and ice from the outdoors at your entry site, but is equally as applicable for beach and outdoor areas where soil and sand may be tracked in as well. If seeing is believing, and we think it is, you will be able to see for yourself about how we leave our competitors in the dust, so to speak! See for yourself in our video.

We also recommend that entries into your business contain two mats in most instances, specifically an entrance mat followed by a finishing mat. When safety and cleanliness are your ultimate priorities, having this double-team approach ensures an additional safeguard about tracking in outdoor dirt and debris and stops moisture in its tracks—even when inclement weather is occurring outdoors. And, best of all, we offer WaterHog mats that can be range from simply functional to very fashionable, based on your preferences. You can also choose your size so that you get exactly what you want and need so your entrance makes the statement you desire. Ultimate Mats pledges to give you the best prices and services upfront, making the decision-making process simple and hassle-free.

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