What Makes a WaterHog Mat Special

by Austin Ruhoff on January 25, 2012

WaterHog brand may not exactly be a household name, but if you are seeking the best of the best when it comes to an entry mat, you’ll want o know more about this brand! WaterHog is our top selling quality entry mat at Ultimate Mats, and the reasons are many for this achievement.

WaterHog mats feature a one-of-a kind rubber reinforced face nubs and crush-proof waffle design. It’s exclusive “water dam” border actually traps dirt and water, keeping it off the flooring of your business or facility. When there is inclement weather outdoors with customers and employees entering your workplace, avoiding slips and maintaining safety is of the ultimate importance, and this mat gets the job done.



WaterHog is considered a multi-tasking mat because it both absorbs water—holding up to 1.5 gallons of water per square yard as a matter of fact—and scraps dirt and debris (including mud and packed snow) from shoes. And, even better, it is easy to clean! Simply hose it off with water and hang dry!

With so many floors having a slippery surface when wet and the liability attached to accidental falls, it is not only recommended but really a must to provide an entry mat that will allow guests to enter into your facility safely! Not only are our mats practical, but they are beautiful as well and can be designed to be as basic or as eye-appealing as you like. Check us out and see what our customers are saying about our mats and how you can get one for your own business!

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