10 Amazing Custom Entrance Mats

by Chris Martin on December 20, 2013

Entrance mats should do a great job of cleaning off footwear so that interior floors remain clean. But that doesn’t have to be all they do. Many business owners and others try to add some pizzazz to their entry areas with a custom entrance mat. Here are ten of the most amazing specimens.

1. This is everything that a business owner wants in an entrance mat: a simple design, a recognizable logo, and an accompanying catch phrase that succinctly describes what customers will find once they walk through the doors. This works just as well as any newspaper, billboard, or online banner ad.

2. Since this St. Augustine, Florida store sells footwear, why not incorporate the “foot” theme into the floor mat? When people walk over this mat, they’ll subconsciously associate the oversized bare foot with a store logo and brand. That increases the chances of repeat business for the store.

3. The most attention-grabbing aspect of this mat is the vibrancy of color. The way the lettering and lines practically jump off the surface, it’s almost like you’re walking over a movie screen as you enter this Larkspur, California real estate business. There are plenty of traditional signs that are less visible than this mat.

4. You don’t necessarily have to choose a multicolored design to exhibit sophistication and elegance. This entrance mat in front of an upscale shopping center in Atlanta uses only curvy lettering and shapes to portray the idea of luxury and chic.

5. There’s no hard-and-fast rule which states that entrance mats must be parallelograms. This St. Louis company decided to “think outside the box” by allowing its logo to break the rectangular boundaries imposed by a regular rectangular mat.

6. Even consumers are snatching up custom floor mats for their front doors. Many of them try to inject some humor into the idea of an entrance mat, like this homeowner who apparently wants to send a subconscious message to solicitors.

7. Not surprisingly, educational institutions are embracing custom entrance mats as well. The Illinois school not only displays its name on the logo mat, but also the school mascot, the school’s creed, and four principles by which its students must strive to live by.

8. This eatery could be in any number of coastal states. But between the relaxing hues, the attention to detail, and the breathtaking imagery on this entrance mat, customers may be tempted to delay going inside. At least they’ll have a gorgeous scene to stare out while they wait for their table.

9. Have you ever started to enter a building, but then noticed three strange men climbing up from under the ground below? This is probably the closest thing to that. But it’s impressive how a promotional entry mat utilizes three-dimensional imagery to catch the eye of the consumer.

10. Then there is the “entrance mat cum red carpet” motif, which is captured brilliantly by this example outside of Grauman’s Chinese Theater on Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles. The simple-yet-ornate dragon design against the bright background has practically become a part of LA’s culture.

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Image credits: Grand-Entrance, logomatsnow, AwthentiK Graphics, chinalogomatslandslab.comCoco Mats N Morehurleymat, mvpvisuals, oormats, jeff_soffer.

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