10 Benefits of a New Commercial Floor Mat

by Chris Martin on December 23, 2013

Maybe they’re just trying to save money. Or perhaps they don’t think that it’s an important enough detail to spend their time on. Whatever reason business owners have for not investing in a commercial floor mat, it’s apparent that these people haven’t been made aware of how much easier their life will be by obtaining one. Here are ten benefits of having a commercial floor mat:

  1. It’s bigger than a doormat. Business owners who are relying on some 18-inch by 36-inch home floor mat will immediately see a difference when they replace it with a commercial mat that is sized appropriately for their entry doors or high-traffic areas.
  2. It’s better than a consumer-grade mat. Even if business owners have a larger mat that they purchased from a retailer, it won’t work as hard or look as good as a commercial floor mat will. That’s because commercial mats are made for high-traffic areas like stores and offices.
  3. It cleans footwear. Commercial floor mats are designed so that their surface actually scrapes the dirt, soils, and other particulates off of the shoes worn by customers and employees – so it doesn’t get tracked onto the interior floors.
  4. It absorbs moisture. On those days when the weather is rainy, snowy, or icy, a commercial mat will trap and hold the liquid that always seems to find its way indoors. Some commercial mats can even hold up to a gallon of water per square yard!
  5. It’s easy to clean. Compare the time spent cleaning a floor mat to sweeping and/or mopping an entire business floor. It’s no contest. Less time spent dealing with dirty floors means more overall productivity from workers.
  6. It can improve aesthetics. Since commercial mats are available in a wide variety of colors, business owners can select one that perfectly accents the interior floors, walls, or decor.
  7. It can double as a marketing tool. If the business owner chooses to purchase a logo mat, it will help heighten the business’s visibility and strengthen its brand. And it’s much cheaper than a billboard or a large sign.
  8. It’s eco-friendly. Many commercial mats are made with post-consumer recycled material. So the business owner can feel better about buying something that helps the environment.
  9. It’s slip resistant. Unlike many consumer mats, commercial mats are designed to remain in place and not slide around on a carpeted or hard surface floor – which eliminates the need to keep returning the mat to its intended spot.
  10. It can go a long way toward preventing slip-and-fall accidents. If a customer or worker slips and falls, it can mean a costly lawsuit or worker’s compensation claim for the business owner. A commercial mat is an excellent preventative measure to keep this from happening in the first place.

If your business can benefit from a commercial floor mat, Ultimate Mats offers several different types of mats to choose from; from the heavy-duty SuperScrape to the water-absorbent WaterHog to the budget-friendly Prestige logo mat. Whatever your business needs may be, Ultimate Mats has a product that can suit them. So contact Ultimate Mats today!

Image credits: Ultimate Mats

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