10 Careers That Demand Floor Mats

by Chris Martin on May 10, 2013

Different careers require specific types of skill sets. But in order for employees to succeed at their jobs, they all need to have one important thing: Floor mats! (Oh, and a strong work ethic, too. There’s that.)

If you’re not convinced, here are ten careers that can definitely benefit from the presence of one or more high-quality floor mats.

  1. Restaurant servers. It’s amazing how waitstaff seem to walk all over the place with heavy, food-laden trays without dropping it on everyone. But if they slip on a wet floor on the way out of the kitchen, all of that food could wind up in the lap of a customer. Not a good thing.
  2. Restaurant dishwashers. Generally, these workers don’t have to walk great distances. But every step they take has the potential to be a slippery one. Put floor mats down cialis pill for sale around all of the dishwashing areas or risk paying for a lot of broken dishes from slips and falls.
  3. Restaurant cooks. With all of the food ingredients flying around during a meal rush, a kitchen’s floors can get pretty greasy and slippery. If your cook starts to slip and grabs the first thing within reach, like, a hot grill or stove, then you’ll be busy trying to replace a cook.
  4. Grocery workers. Checkout clerks who stand for hours at a time could use anti-fatigue mats. Stockers who walk in and out of your warehouse or refrigeration room are just a slip and fall away from hurting themselves.
  5. Fitness center workers. Between the pool, the worn carpet, and the sweat-soaked surfaces, there are dozens of places where fitness employees can slip during a particular shift. You don’t want them to bang their head or limbs on weight machines or aerobics floors.
  6. Spa cleaning staff. Think about the variety of different surfaces in a spa. From hot tubs, showers, and saunas to poolside areas, juice bars, and slick flooring, not having strategically placed floor mats could lead to plenty of worker’s compensation claims.
  7. Auto shop employees. You’ve got technicians walking from the shop floor to the service desk and back again dozens of times per day. They’re going to drag some oil and grease in with them. Make sure that these substances get trapped by a mat instead of ending up on a concrete floor.
  8. Nursery or greenhouse workers. There’s soil and mulch in various parts of this business, and water is practically everywhere. Try carrying a 40-pound bag of topsoil or river rock and slipping on an unprotected floor and see what happens.
  9. Assembly line personnel. These folks don’t do much walking at all, but they do stand for long periods of time. Giving them anti-fatigue mats will keep them at their productivity and efficiency peaks and reduce their discomfort.
  10. Security personnel. When they’re not patrolling the building, you want your security people alert and ready for anything when standing guard over your assets. Anti-Fatigue mats can help with that. After all, you don’t want security guards’ attention focused on their leg or back pain, right?

This is far from an exhaustive list; chances are, your business could benefit from some type of floor mat. To see which product best suits your business, contact the experts at Ultimate Mats today.


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