10 Facts About ColorStar Floor Mats

by Chris Martin on May 14, 2013

It’s a common belief that interior floor mats are pretty much the same. After all, most people aren’t aware of what goes into making a high-quality mat, so they just assume that all of these products are interchangeable.

But that simply isn’t true because other mats aren’t made like Ultimate Mats’ ColorStar indoor floor mats. To prove this point, here are ten facts which separate every ColorStar floor mat from the rest of the pack:

  • The colors won’t fade for a decade. You read that right. If you use a ColorStar floor mat in an indoor environment, Ultimate Mats guarantees that it won’t succumb to fading for ten years. That’s because it is specially made to resist harmful UV rays emitted by sunlight. Try getting that type of performance from an off-the-shelf wherecanibuycialisonline.com/the-impact-of-erectile-dysfunction-on-relationships-and-how-to-save-them/ floor mat.
  • It has two kinds of yarns. Traditional and extra-coarse yarns are combined together to create a mat that is both durable and fashionable. All of these yarns are made of solution-dyed nylons that help resist staining even as they trap dirt and moisture.
  • It comes in four kinds of backings.You can choose a cleated backing which is ideal for staying put on carpets, a smooth rubber backing for hard, flat surfaces, a fully Nitrile rubber backing for oil or grease-prone areas, or an eco-friendly backing made with recycled content.
  • It doesn’t require special cleaning.  Just vacuum your ColorStar mat regularly. If you need to wash it or rinse it off, you can use a mild soap and hang it up to dry. No high-dollar cleaning solutions or tools are necessary.
  • It is slip-resistant. No matter which backing you select, your ColorStar Mat is certified as being slip-resistant from the National Floor Safety Institute. You won’t have to worry about an unsteady mat causing slip-and-fall accidents in your business.
  • It is static-resistant. Sure, that means that people who step on your floor mat won’t get that annoying little shock. But it also makes your ColorStar mat safe for use around sensitive electronic systems which could be adversely affected by static electricity.
  • It is fire-resistant. Every ColorStar mat meets or exceeds a national fire-retardant safety standard for its industry. That’s one less thing for you to worry about.
  • It is available in a wide variety of colors. No matter what type of interior decor your business has, at least one of Ultimate Mats’ 17 available colors will blend nicely with its surroundings. You want your ColorStar mat to work hard without drawing attention to itself.
  • It is available in a wide variety of sizes. If a standard sized floor mat won’t suit your needs, don’t worry. ColorStar mats are made in seven different sizes, and you can even order them up to 40 feet in length if needed.
  • It comes in a “Crunch” option. While the ColorStar mat boasts plenty of durability, the ColorStar Crunch mat is designed specifically for high-traffic areas. The abrasive and high-twist carpet fibers in an aesthetically pleasing tweed pattern will keep your floors clean no matter how many people might set foot inside your business.

If you want some piece of material to lie on your floor, any mat will do. But if you’re looking for a floor mat that does its job without losing its luster, you should go with the ColorStar mat from Ultimate Mats. Contact Ultimate Mats today to see how a ColorStar (or ColorStar Crunch) mat can help your business.

Image credits: Ultimate Mats

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