10 Reasons You Need a New Floor Mat

by Chris Martin on May 21, 2013

Business owners are constantly looking for supplies and equipment that need to be replaced. Often, some of the toughest decisions that business owners must make is whether to make a new purchase or hold on to the money and use it for something more pressing.

It is this thought process that leads many of them to dismiss the idea of buying a new floor mat (if the idea is ever considered in the first place). After all, there are plenty of more important aspects of a business that require funding, right?

Not necessarily. Neglecting your floor mats represent lost opportunities and can lead to complications. Here are ten reasons why you may need to obtain a new floor mat from ultimate Mats:

  1. Your floors always seem like they are dirty. This is the most obvious clue. Either your customers will start to feel a little uncomfortable about shopping in a pig sty, or you’re constantly pulling employees away from their other duties to clean the floors. In other words, you floor mats aren’t getting the job done.
  2. Someone slipped and fell on your floor. Hopefully, he or she escaped serious injury. But dirty or slippery floors can lead to pricey worker’s compensation claims or personal injury lawsuits by customers. Buying a functional floor mat is much cheaper.
  3. Water keeps seeping in from the outside. Maybe your door is warped or misaligned, or the sidewalk in front of your store is lower so water tacmeds.com collects there. Whatever the reason, if water is moving inside your business, you need a WaterHog mat to trap it and keep moisture off of your floors.
  4. A season of heavy precipitation is coming up. Whether the rainy or monsoon months are just ahead, or you’re busy preparing for another snowy or icy winter, you should be proactive and purchase a floor mat that will stop tracked-in wetness, dirt, sand, and salt at your door.
  5. Your old mat is too small. Maybe you’re off-the-shelf floor mat doesn’t take up enough space in front of your front door to do much good. Ultimate Mats has its SuperScrape mats available in several different sizes to handle any particular business or entryway.
  6. Mat rental fees are bleeding you dry. Renting floor mats may sound like a deal until you do the math. If you purchase a floor mat, you’ll pay less than you would if you rented the same mat for just a year or two, and probably get a better quality product as well.
  7. People can’t find your front door. If your business is in a generic office complex or building, it can be hard for customers to distinguish your front door from all of the others. Putting a logo mat in front of it solves this problem.
  8. Your marketing budget will cover it. If you’re a stickler for departmental spending and/or you have the ability to write off marketing costs, a logo mat serves a dual purpose: It keeps your floors clean and acts as a colorful sign or advertisement for your business.
  9. You’re trying to “go green.” Making your business more eco-friendly is a noble goal. And unlike many floor mats, all of Ultimate Mats’ products are made of at least 10 percent recycled material, and a few are constructed completely of recycled content.
  10. You’re worried about worker fatigue. If you have employees who stand in one spot for a long time, they’re liable to become fatigued, experience pain and discomfort, and be less productive. An anti-fatigue mat can address this issue and make your workers’ jobs easier and more pleasant.

Why wait any longer? Visit UltimateMats.com today and check out the selection of interior, exterior, logo, and anti-fatigue mats. Any of them can replace your old, worn out floor mat, which will improve the appearance and functionality of your business!

Image credits: Ultimate Mats

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