10 Unique Places to Make a Statement with a Custom Mat

by Chris Martin on December 4, 2013

Never underestimate the impact of making a statement. In business, it can pique interest in your company and boost your bottom line. For individuals, it can create an image that will make an impression on other people. There are countless ways to make a statement, many of which can be ostentatious or off putting. Ideally, you want a subtle delivery system for your strong or insightful message.

That’s exactly what a custom mat can do. It’s an item that is seen everywhere, but customizing it to reflect your tastes, values, or goals will capture the attention of the people who view it. Sure, you can put a custom mat near your front door, but it’s not the only spot where it can make an impact. Here are ten other suggestions on where you can place your custom mat:

  1. Lobby. If you own a hotel or large office space, a large custom mat with your logo or slogan can provide the perfect accent to a stylish, appealing lobby area for customers or guests.
  2. Drink service area. Self-serve soda or coffee areas are hotbeds for spills, so it’s smart to have a mat in front of them. Why not customize it with a logo or marketing message?
  3. Behind the retail counter. This would be for the benefit of your employees instead of your customers. A suggestive message like “Smile!” or “Customers are our friends” could reinforce your commitment to providing superior service.
  4. Behind employee exits. For those portals which lead from the Employees Only areas to where customers congregate, a custom mat with a reminder like “Be professional” or “Greet a guest today” could prompt workers to put on their game faces before walking through the doors.
  5. Garage. Whether it’s for a commercial auto garage or a do-it-yourselfer’s haven, these areas scream for a creative custom mat through which the owner can express himself.
  6. Swimming pool. There’s always going to be moisture around a pool, whether it’s public or private. Placing a custom mat near entryways are a fashionable way to prevent water from being tracked onto interior floors.
  7. Kitchen. The hearty homemaker and/or master chef will appreciate a custom mat not only to guard against spills, but also to remind everyone else who the master of this domain is.
  8. Patio. If the lawn is wet, a floor mat can act as a buffer between it and the dry floors of a covered patio. Putting the homeowner’s name on it is a nice way to customize it.
  9. Bath mat. In a guest or master bath, a bath mat with a calming or inspirational message can add to the serenity of the space in anyone’s home.
  10. Man cave. An expressive custom mat in a man cave is a no-brainer. Plus, it will help if the owner’s buddies spill their drinks during the party.

Ultimate Mats has a large selection of custom mats for any function, whether it’s for an outdoor space or an interior decoration. Contact Ultimate Mats today to see about getting your custom mat and make a statement!

Image credits: Ultimate Mats

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