12 Ways Logo Mats are Like You

by Chris Martin on December 8, 2013

You’re a small business owner, which makes you both one-of-a-kind and part of the mainstream. You’re unique, because no one else has a business that’s exactly like yours. And you’re part of the thousands of small businesses who provide the majority of jobs to Americans. That’s more than conglomerates, government, academia, and nonprofit agencies combined.

What makes a good small business owner? Many things, which you might be surprised to learn are very much like the qualities that make up your Ultimate Mats logo mat.

It sounds a bit odd, but it’s true. Here are one dozen ways that your logo mat is just like you.

  1. You place a premium on cleanliness. This is the most obvious comparison. If you didn’t think that having a clean business was important, you wouldn’t have purchased a logo mat in the first place, right?
  2. You’re colorful. If you wanted to be a work drone in a mind-numbing job, you wouldn’t have started your own business. You’re a person of many colors, just like your vibrant, multi-hued logo mat.
  3. You work hard. You can’t run a successful business by slacking off and your logo mat diligently grabs and traps dirt, mud, and moisture from footwear so your floors stay clean.
  4. You’re made of high quality stuff. Like you, the secret to a logo mat’s success is what it’s made of. In your mat’s case, this means tough, colorfast fibers, superior borders, and a sturdy rubber backing.
  5. You’re always promoting yourself. The best customers come from word of mouth, which is why you’re a tireless self-promoter. You’re a lot like your logo mat, which proudly displays its message to anyone who walks by.
  6. You have your own personal style. It’s part of what makes you unique, and why your customers keep coming back. You show a little of your style in the way you design your logo mat, which a generic vinyl banner can’t really capture.
  7. You love greeting people. You try not to let a customer escape your shop without hearing a “Good morning!” or “Thanks for coming by!” and your logo mat is often the first thing that greets customers when they walk in your door.
  8. You’re adaptable. You have to wear many hats and resolve a multitude of problems of the fly. Your logo mat can handle everything from ice and mud to salt, sand, and oil.
  9. You’re about value, not cost. You’ll never beat the big retailers or the conglomerates on their price points. But you will provide more value than them with your brand of service, much like your logo mat outperforms a generic off-the-shelf mat from a discount store.
  10. You won’t crack. Even on those high-pressure days, you won’t show any signs of cracking. Your logo mat is made so that it resists cracking (and curling) for years.
  11. You work long hours. You’re the first one to unlock your shop in the morning and the last one to leave at night. Only your logo mat keeps the same hours that you do!
  12. You’re always up for a challenge. Otherwise, you would have run screaming from the idea of running your own business. Your logo mat relishes challenges as well, even on bad weather, high-traffic workdays.

See? You and your logo mat are a lot alike, which is why you’re a perfect match for each other. Ultimate Mats salutes all small business owners and their tireless hard work and dedication to provide jobs, offer personal service to customers, and make their communities better.


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