13 Facts About Waterhog Fashion

by Chris Martin on May 20, 2013

There are many different ideals that are celebrated in America today. There’s the notion of the hard-w0rking person or product that doesn’t hesitate to get dirty, which call upon its strength and mettle and does visit site whatever it takes to get the job done. And then there’s the image of true beauty, which involves a flawless appearance that’s perfectly attuned to current trends and fashions, resulting in a look that everyone else both craves and admires.

These two concepts are not mutually exclusive. In fact, they can both be found in the durable, attractive WaterHog Fashion floor mat from Ultimate Mats. Let’s get to know the WaterHog Fashion a little better.

  1. It can be used indoors or outdoors. The WaterHog Fashion is aesthetically pleasing enough for interior spaces, but rugged enough to be placed outside a front door. It’s the “ultimate” dual-purpose floor mat.
  2. The secret is in the ridges. The “ridged” design of the WaterHog Fashion provides channels that run across the mat where dirt and liquid are collected and trapped. That way, they cannot be tracked onto floors by footwear.
  3. Moisture stays dammed up. Every WaterHog mat is equipped with a proprietary “water dam” feature which holds water on the mat instead of allowing it to seep onto the floor.
  4. Little “nubs” stand up to big pressure. Each little square on a WaterHog Fashion is actually a rubber-faced “nub” which is strong enough to resist crushing. This extends the life of the floor mat and helps outperform its store-bought counterparts.
  5. Pick your backing. Depending on the type of floor you have, the WaterHog Fashion comes in your choice of a cleated backing (for carpets) or smooth backing (for floors).
  6. The beauty is in the fibers. Why do WaterHog Fashion mats maintain their like-new appearance longer? It’s because of the solution-dyed fibers on the mat which are made to resist fading.
  7. Cleaning is easy. Since every WaterHog Fashion is topped with a 100 percent propylene fiber system, the mat is able to dry quickly after a regular cleaning. It won’t fall victim to rot over time.
  8. It’s safe around electronics. Many mats conduct static electricity, which can wreak havoc on computers and other electronic items. But the WaterHog Fashion comes with an anti-static face, so it’s safe for use anywhere in your office.
  9. It won’t slip out from under you. Slip and fall accidents are all too common these days. But the WaterHog Fashion is certified as being slip-resistant by the National Floor Safety Institute, so you don’t have to worry about it causing injuries to customers or employees.
  10. It’s safe around flames. The WaterHog Fashion surpasses industry flammability standards, so it’s safe for use in kitchens, manufacturing areas, and other places where flames may be present.
  11. There are many sizes to choose from. From an 18-by-27 inch mat to a six-by-twenty foot floor covering, you can pick the WaterHog Fashion that fits your work space. Custom sizes are available as well.
  12. It comes in 18 different colors. You don’t have to settle for basic black. Ultimate Mats is bound to have a color of WaterHog Fashion that matches the decor of your business.
  13. It’s also green. Every WaterHog Fashion is constructed with 15 to 20 percent of post-consumer recycled content from used automobile tires, so it helps the environment as well!

Want to learn more about the WaterHog Fashion? Contact Ultimate Mats today, and get a floor mat that works hard and looks good all at the same time!

Image credits: Ultimate Mats

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