15 Funny Floor Mats

by Chris Martin on December 20, 2013

You’ve certainly seen plenty of floor mats emblazoned with the word “Welcome” on them. You’ve probably noticed others which show a specific logo, name, or image representing the identity of the people or business behind the door. And then there are those unusual floor mats – the ones that make you do a double take and often elicit a chuckle or two. Here is a collection of sixteen funny floor mats.


Here’s an excellent example of turning a simile on its head. Perhaps it’s a subtle message about the owner’s view of visitors.


An excellent way to put knockers “on hold” if the chances of a lengthy wait are high. Or maybe it’s a thinly-veiled suggestion to not accept the wait and move on.


Here’s a humorous way to let visitors know that canines reside within the home or business. And that these dogs might be halitosis-sufferers.


This mat may be more appropriate for people who won’t apologize for their dogs’ presence. So the request is less about floor damage and more about canine amusement.


A direct command toward law enforcement personnel. And perhaps a gentle reminder of the type of individual who lurks behind this door.


This mat loudly proclaims the tastes of those at this residence. Plus, it embraces an “open-door” policy that everyone get can behind.


It’s entirely possible that this lobster is campaigning against the evils of cannabis. But we doubt it.


If you don’t own an iPhone, you may not get this joke. (Although it would be nice to be able to unlock your front door simply by swiping your foot on a mat.)


Everything’s great about this mat – from the modern slang to the whimsical and humorous imagery. Hopefully, the grandpa in question was give this mat by his grandchildren.


There are family men (and women), and then there are the types of people who would own this mat. But you have to admire their solid grasp of their priorities.


When you’ve got it, flaunt it. Ideal for the person who has a full tank of confidence unhindered by any nagging presence of modesty.


This is an ideal mat for someone who appreciates a simpler time before digital audio. It’ll also provide endless enjoyment as girl scout cookie salespeople try to figure out what the image is.


This is another version of the famous “The Lady or the Tiger” story. Which person will answer the door – and will you be able to tell which one it is?


There are plenty of ways to boost the security of a home or business. This may be one of the most creative (though its efficacy is questionable).


And then there are those mats which are clear and concise. But don’t you dare call them “Welcome” mats.

Ultimate Mats offers a wide selection of logo mats for businesses of all types. But if you would like to get creative, you can place a humorous image or slogan on your mat in order to create a conversation piece for your customers as they enter your establishment. So check out Ultimate Mats today to see about creating your very own funny floor mat!


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