5 Ways to Go Green with Mats

by Chris Martin on March 27, 2013

More and more businesses are committing themselves to being environmentally friendly. This affects the processes they use, the supplies they purchase, and the behaviors they adopt in running their business. If you’re earth-conscious, here’s some good news: Ultimate Mats can help “greenify” your business even more with their sturdy and attractive exterior, interior, and entry floor mats. Oh, and we’ll let you in on a little secret a bit later.

1. WaterHog Classic or WaterHog Fashion. While being eco-friendly involves saving water, WaterHog floor mats actually save your floors from water. Each of these mats is capable of trapping up to a gallon and a half of water per square yard, and this is moisture that won’t get tracked into your business if the weather is rainy or snowy. The WaterHog Classic is made with 16.9 percent recycled content, and the WaterHog fashion is even more green with a recycled material ratio of 18.6 percent.

2. SuperScrape and SuperScrape Impressions. Either of these mats is ideal if your business sits near a beach, in a forested area, or next to a dirt/mud parking lot. You want an entry mat that will scrape all types of soil and debris off of footwear so that it doesn’t get your floors dirty. The SuperScrape Impressions mat, which can sport your company logo, is fashioned with 18.5 percent recycled content. The basic black SuperScrape mat is made from 20 percent recycled material.

3. WaterHog Eco Elite. This is the “greenest” WaterHog you can buy, although it is available in your choice of eight colors. Not only is the surface of this mat environmentally-friendly, but so is its backing. The TriGrip rubber backing offers superior slip resistance for both smooth and carpet flooring, and much of its material comes from recycled automobile tires. Overall, the WaterHog Eco Elite Roll Goods Logo mat is manufactured with 32.8 percent recycled content, while the standard WaterHog Eco Elite boasts a whopping 43.3 percent recycled content rating.

4. Enviro Plus. But if you are a “hard-core” environment aficionado, then you’ll want the granddaddy of all eco-friendly mats: the Enviro Plus. It’s the greenest floor mat on the market today, with a crumb rubber backing that Erectile Dysfunction is made from completely recycled materials and solution-dyed yarns on top that were 100 percent post-consumer recycled drink bottles. Enviro Plus mats also resist static, salt, and ice melt; and are classified as containing 89 percent recycled content by product weight.

5. Any other Ultimate Mat. Here’s that little secret we alluded to earlier: Every single floor mat in the Ultimate Mats catalog contains some portion of recycled content! This includes the Classic Impressions logo mat, each type of Anti-Fatigue mat, the ColorStar and Tri-Grip mats, and every other member of the WaterHog line. In short, Ultimate Mats is committed to protecting the earth as much as your floors.

When you purchase a floor mat from Ultimate Mats, it’s not about whether or not you want to “go green,” but rather how green you want to go. Whatever your business floor protection needs are, Ultimate Mats can provide you with a durable solution that is both easy on the eyes and on the planet. Contact Ultimate Mats today to see which floor mat is right for you!

Image credits: Ultimate Mats

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