6 Ways ORTHO Mats Benefit Productivity

by Chris Martin on May 5, 2013

During a long day on their feet working at your business, an ORTHO anti-fatigue mat by Ultimate Mats can be an employee’s best friend. The unique design of an ORTHO mat helps keep circulation flowing throughout the feet, legs, and torso, which reduces fatigue from standing for lengthy periods of time. The end result is that your employees feel better than they would if they were standing on a hard floor.

As a business owner, you know that altruism is all fine and good, but profitability is what drives your decision making. The fact is, you’re keenly aware that a happy, relaxed employee is a more dependable and productive worker which ultimately is good for business.

Here are half a dozen ways that medicine20.org an ORTHO anti-fatigue mat boosts your business’s productivity.

  1. They increase efficiency and accuracy. For repetitive jobs like standing at a retail counter or working on an assembly line, workers need to be comfortable in order to concentrate as the day grows long. If they aren’t distracted by fatigue, they will be more accurate and efficient, resulting in fewer mistakes and less lost revenue.
  2. They help diminish the number of “breaks” that are taken by employees. It’s more than just the mandated breaks; it’s about the time they’re technically “working” but really aren’t getting anything done (otherwise known as goofing off). Discomfort is one of the main causes of this inactivity, so eliminating it will help keep workers focused on the task at hand.
  3. They decrease absenteeism. Over time, standing on flat surfaces can take a toll on muscles, joints, and ligaments. The cumulative impact on the body can result in fatigue or pain that’s powerful enough to keep employees at home, which reduces productivity. ORTHO mats keep workers from becoming fatigued in the first place, so they’ll be healthy enough to come to work day after day.
  4. They lower the chances of slips and falls. When an employee is fatigued, tired, or weak from standing, it doesn’t take much for them to slip and fall down. This often results in a trip to the emergency room due to a broken bone or concussion. Then you have to train another worker to take their place, and the substitute won’t be nearly as productive as the worker who is now sitting home hurt.
  5. They cut the risk of ancillary injuries that are caused by employees nearly losing their balance. Even if workers manage to stay on their feet, a slip may be enough for them to grab onto whatever’s closest to them to keep their balance, like a scalding grill or stove, a sharp corner of a counter or table, or even a whirling production machine. They still suffer a significant injury, and they’re out of commission for a while.
  6. They reduce the amount of worker’s compensation claims. Whenever one of your employees either gets injured on the job or has to visit the doctor due to work-related fatigue, you may have to file a worker’s compensation claim. That bureaucratic process takes you away from your normal job duties, thus lowering your productivity.

An ORTHO mat represents not only protection from worker fatigue, but also an investment in your business’s productivity. To find out more about getting an ORTHO anti-fatigue mat for your business, contact Ultimate Mats today.

Image credits: Ultimate Mats

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