6 Ways to Green Up Your Mats

by Chris Martin on December 9, 2013

People and companies are always on the lookout for ways to “green up their lives.” This may entail adjusting the office or home thermostat in order to save energy, driving fewer miles to cut down on pollution, or planting trees on your property in order to replenish wood that is used in consumer products.

There are dozens of ways to be more eco-friendly if you just look around you. But when you do, don’t forget to look down…specifically, at your floor mats.

Environmentally friendly souls can extend their love for the planet by greening up their mats. Here are half a dozen suggestions on how to accomplish this:

  1. Buy a WaterHog. Ultimate Mats offers a full line of WaterHog indoor and outdoor floor mats, and they all are made with at least 10 percent post-consumer recycled content. This includes the WaterHog Logo Inlay mat which can also display your business logo, name, or slogan as well as the WaterHog Fashion, which boasts 18.6 percent recycled content. Since every WaterHog has the ability to trap 1.5 gallons of water per square yard, you won’t have to waste as much energy using fans or other machines to dry your floors off.
  2. Buy a SuperScrape. Furthermore, Ultimate Mats’ SuperScrape and SuperScrape Impressions mats are manufactured with between 18 and 20 percent recycled rubber. SuperScrapes work so hard to scrape soils off of footwear, so you won’t have to clean your floors as often and you’ll spend less electricity for vacuums and other cleaning machines.
  3. Buy an Anti-Fatigue Mat. The Hog Heaven 5/8″ and 7/8″ anti-fatigue mats are produced with between 14 and 17 percent recycled content. In addition, these mats help keep workers fresher and more alert, meaning that they are less likely to make mistakes, some of which could have environmental consequences (fires, machine over-usage, etc.).
  4. Opt for a WaterHog from the Eco Line. WaterHog Eco Elite, Eco Premier, and Eco Grand Premier are all made with carpet fibers that come from 100 percent post-consumer recycled plastic drink bottles. They’re among the “greenest” floor mats on the market, and they’re just as durable and the rest of their WaterHog brethren.
  5. Use green cleaners. Most Ultimate Mats floor mats don’t require the use of cleaning products in order to keep them clean for regular use. But if they do get stained or need some heavy cleaning, you won’t need to obtain powerful, specialized cleaning products which may be toxic to the environment. Any cleaner, including those made with environmentally-friendly ingredients, will work just as well.
  6. Recycle your mat when you’re done with it. Make no mistake: Ultimate Mats’ products are designed to last for years and years. But when the time finally does come to replace them, don’t throw them into the garbage. Instead, find another use for them (as a covering for warehouse items, perhaps) or take them to a recycling center to be recycled.

Business owners do have a “green” choice when it comes to deciding on a floor mat, but they don’t have to sacrifice quality, dependability, or affordability when buying an eco-friendly mat from Ultimate Mats. Contact Ultimate Mats today to see which green mat is best for your business.



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