7 Logos That Wouldn't Work on a Mat

by Chris Martin on December 2, 2013

There are probably millions of unique, creative logos in the world today. Some are more memorable, colorful, detailed, and descriptive than others. But how many of them would look good on a logo floor mat?

The short answer is: Not all of them. Here are seven types of logos that wouldn’t work on a mat.

1. Logos provided in certain formats

Ideally, you want your logo choice to be sent to the printer in a digital format, such as cdr, jpg, tif, or eps files. A black-and-white ad slick which is standard paper size or smaller is the preferred hard copy format. But it probably won’t be possible to transfer your logo to a mat if it is delivered as an emblem, banner, flag, or artwork that is larger than 8.5 x 11 inches – or if the hard copy is delivered via fax.

2. Logos with gradual color changes


Ultimate Mats offers dozens of colors to choose from when transferring your logo onto a mat. While that does offer quite a bit of variety, it is still a finite number of shades. Therefore, if you already have a fancy logo where colors blend into one another, many of the hues may not show up as smoothly on a mat.

3. Logos with exceptionally complex images (on WaterHogs)


There are some designs which are aesthetically pleasing because they are so intricate. But because the logos on WaterHog Logo Inlay mats are actually “cut” out of the surface of the mats, a complex image may lose some of the key details. This also applies to text fonts with significant shading.

4. Logos where detail is extremely important


In most cases, small objects or “background” images can be rendered adequately on a logo mat. But if your image is unique in how it displays certain elements, like on a state seal and/or a historic coat-of-arms, for instance, hose elements may not be rendered precisely as they are on your image.

5. Logos constructed from certain web graphics programs


Today’s computer imagery software can do a lot of great things. However, the reason that some of them are primarily for consumer use is because the quality of their images degrades when you try to enlarge them. In industry jargon, you want a logo made with vector graphics, not with raster graphics.

6. Logos with excessive verbiage


It’s perfectly fine to have a slogan or a catchphrase on your logo floor mat. However, when you try to start listing all of your products/services, locations, or awards and accolades, the lines of text will have to be smaller, which may make them difficult to read.

7. Logos with small print

Small lines of text such as disclaimers, trademarks, or other verbiage that qualifies as “fine print”  may not show up very well on a logo mat. This is especially true if your mat dimensions are small, because the smaller the mat, the smaller the text will have to be in your logo.

Here’s the good news: Ultimate Mats has a highly skilled art department and helpful staff members who will do all they can to create an image or logo that satisfies your business needs and looks fantastic on a floor mat. If you have an idea for something that you would like to see on a mat, contact Ultimate Mats today and ask about it!

Image credits #2-#6: Shift Wallpapers, Smashing Magazine, State Symbols USA, fiverr, U-Handbag


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