8 Reasons Hair Stylists Should Use Anti-Fatigue Floor Mats

by Chris Martin on April 11, 2013

Generally speaking, a hair salon, barber shop, or similar establishment is a pretty good business to own and operate. After all, people will always need hair cuts and/or styling. There’s usually an ample supply of qualified workers to staff the shop. And it lends itself well to repeat business, which is the cornerstone of most types of retail enterprises.

But owning this type of business does have some drawbacks. You can’t get hair to grow any faster and increase the frequency with which customers need your services. That can make it difficult to boost revenues and require you to be much more cost-conscious. This may lead you to skimp on so-called “extras” for your employees like anti-fatigue mats, even if you recognize how well these products work.

But it’s inaccurate to think that anti-fatigue mats aren’t related to your bottom line. In fact, here are eight solid business reasons why anti-fatigue floor mats are a must-have in a barber shop or hair-styling salon:

  1. They protect your floors. With all of the water, sprays, and dyes that are used by your employees, your floors can get wet, dirty, and sticky even if you clean them frequently. If customers notice this, they may not be impressed – and will go somewhere else.
  2. They’re easier to remove hair from. If you lay down any old carpet or mat around work stations, they may tend to trap hair in them. But the smooth surface of an anti-fatigue mat makes sweeping hair up quick and simple.
  3. They’re unaffected by chemicals. All those sprays and dyes? They probably contain chemicals which can erode a normal mat over time. But anti-fatigue mats are resistant to these chemicals, making them ideal for hair salon floors.
  4. Your employees will be friendlier. Since anti-fatigue mats help eliminate the fatigue caused by standing all day long, your workers will feel better – and that will show in their dealings with customers.
  5. They’ll help reduce absenteeism. Studies reveal that anti-fatigue mats help reduce absenteeism levels at companies. When employees aren’t fatigued, they won’t be as susceptible to illnesses and other conditions which may keep them from coming into work.
  6. They’ll boost your employees’ overall health. Similarly, anti-fatigue mats have been shown to lower illness-related costs like worker’s compensation claims. That’s a cost category that has the potential to be a huge drain on a business’s budget.
  7. They’ll slash the buy real viagra online usa chances of a slip-and-fall accident. These types of mishaps are among the top causes of workplace-related injuries (and worker’s compensation claims), and they can sideline a worker for weeks or even months.
  8. They’ll help increase productivity. Finally, research indicates that productivity increases when workers are less fatigued. So even if you can squeeze an extra customer or two in per shift, that can add up to a huge spike in revenue.

Hopefully, this information will help you reconsider a decision to forgo anti-fatigue mats for your hair salon or barber shop. For more information on the type of anti-fatigue mats that’s right for your business, contact the experts at Ultimate Mats today.


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