8 Things That Fade Faster Than a ColorStar Interior Mat

by Chris Martin on December 2, 2013

Father Time can take its toll on almost everything. That’s why Ultimate Mats takes the time to construct its ColorStar interior floor mats so that they are built to last. The high-quality solution-dyed nylon yarns that come with every ColorStar and ColorStar Crunch mat are so superior to those found on any other product that Ultimate Mats guarantees that these mats won’t fade at all for a decade. So while other mats may discolor, lighten, or pale, ColorStar Mats will keep their vibrant color for years.

In fact, here are eight things that will fade well before a ColorStar interior floor mat will:

  1. The paint on your building. Take a picture of your ColorStar mat. Do the same for your building’s paint on the same day. Then go back after several years and do it again. Betcha the paint will be significantly lighter than the mat.
  2. The fabric on a windsock. Those cone-shaped strips of fabric next to airport runways? They fade pretty quickly. So do the consumer-grade decorative wind socks with flowers, designs, or slogans on them.
  3. Inferior signs. If the name of your business is included on a marquis or tower in your shopping center, chances are its lettering may fade long before your ColorStar starts to show any wear and tear. (And if this is the case with your primary business sign, then you need to find another signmaker.)
  4. Cheap patio furniture. You know those chairs or that table that you bought at the big-box store for a song? It won’t be long before they start looking dreary and less vibrant. But hey – at least you saved a few bucks.
  5. Colors on your favorite shirt or blouse. If you wear a piece of clothing a lot, modern washing (or dry-cleaning) techniques are liable to take a toll on its brightness. But ColorStars can be cleaned repeatedly without fading.
  6. An old racehorse. He was a longshot who has a long track record of success – five years ago. But just as he makes the last turn into the home stretch, his younger counterparts always seem to gallop past him as he huffs and puffs. Hope you didn’t bet the farm on him.
  7. Your determination to keep your New Year’s resolution. One study shows that over a third of Americans fail to keep their New Year’s resolutions past January. Don’t fret – there’s always next year, right?
  8. Memories of those “major” crises. Remember that day when you had that horrible thing happen at work or school and you were so frustrated and embarrassed? Of course you don’t. That’s why the phrase “This too shall pass” is a cliche.

So if you want a measure of permanence in your business – even if it’s just inside your front door or at your checkout counter – then you should invest in a ColorStar or ColorStar Crunch interior floor mat from Ultimate Mats. They’re available in 17 colors and a wide variety of sizes (and custom sizes as well), and they’re absolutely fade-proof for at least ten years. Contact Ultimate Mats today!

Image credits: Ultimate Mats

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