8 Tips to Design the Perfect Custom Floor Mat

by Chris Martin on December 2, 2013

An eye-catching logo floor mat can not only protect your workplace’s floors from moisture and dirt, but it also can act as another marketing device for your business. The key is designing a logo or image that looks fantastic on a floor mat and succinctly describes your company, products, services, or philosophy.


Here are eight suggestions on how to create the ideal custom floor mat.

  1. Make sure your logo design is created or delivered in the correct format. If you are making a computerized image of your logo, be sure to use a program which can safe the file in a cdr, tif, jpg, or eps format. In terms of hard copy, the preferred format is an black-and-white ad slick that’s no larger than 8.5 x 11 inches.
  2. Make sure your logo will look good on the type of mat you want. If you are ordering a SuperScrape Impressions or a Classic Impressions mat, then most color images will work just fine. But if you are getting a WaterHog, the logo should be less complex than a multicolored image because it will be “cut” into the surface of the mat instead of printed on top of it.
  3. Always keep size and scalability in mind. You don’t want the logo to be too small where any lettering won’t be readable on the mat (especially if it’s a smaller-sized mat). Ideally, the logo should be scalable so that it looks good in all sizes, not just large or small dimensions.
  4. Generally speaking, simpler is better. It’s easy to get too complex when designing a logo. The idea is to come up with a simple object or image that consumers will instantly associate with your business. The more complicated the image, the harder it is to achieve that goal.
  5. Minimize word usage. The company name and an identifying catchphrase or slogan are perfectly appropriate for a logo. But full sentences and/or a listing of services or locations can dilute the logo’s effects. Plus, people probably won’t be able to read all of that text on a mat anyway.
  6. Don’t go overboard with fonts. You don’t have to pick out the most humdrum font you can find. On the other hand, the last thing you want to happen is for consumers to have trouble reading your logo or name because of an intricate, flowery font.
  7. Consider color usage carefully. Though you have a wide array of color choices available, you may not want to bombard your logo with as many hues as possible. You’re better off choosing a few colors that reflect the mood of the company, industry, or storefront interior.
  8. Try not to be too trendy. Unless you plan on changing your logo frequently, don’t choose fonts, patterns, or shapes that may fall out of fashion in a few years. Resist the temptation to put a “trendy” logo on your floor mat.


The bottom line? If you have an idea for a logo but you’re not sure how it will look on your mat, go ahead and submit it anyway. The staff at Ultimate Mats will provide you with a representation of how it might appear on your logo mat without you having to shell out money for a product that you may not be satisfied with. If your idea winds up working beautifully, then you can order your mat at that time; if it doesn’t you can either try again from scratch or let the professionals at Ultimate Mats make suggestions about how to improve it. This level of customer service is one reason why Ultimate Mats is the best choice for logo floor mats in the industry!

Image credits: Ultimate Mats

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