8 Tips to Extend the Life of Your Floor Mat

by Chris Martin on December 8, 2013

As a business owner, you know that there’s a direct correlation between a business’s longevity and its level of success. That’s why you take steps to plan for the future of your business, like investing in new equipment, training employees for management positions, and socking away profits for a “rainy day.”

The same logic holds true for the longevity of your floor mats,  since they have to work especially hard on rainy days. With a little TLC, your floor mat can last you for several years, or even a decade or more. Here are eight tips on how to accomplish that goal:

  1. Clean it when you clean your carpets and floors. After you’ve closed up for the day or the weekend, just take a vacuum and run it over your floor mat when vacuuming your other carpets. A standard adjustable vacuum works just fine when placed on the setting that’s lowest to the ground.
  2. If you have an extraction system, use it. You don’t have to run out and purchase a pricey soil extraction machine just to clean your floor mat. But if you already have one for other reasons, using it on your floor mat will remove much of the ground-in soil from your mat.
  3. Consider using hot water. If your floor mat begins showing white, crusty stains (usually from salt placed on icy sidewalks and roads), soak your mat in hot water with a mild soap for about half an hour. That should get rid of those stains.
  4. Don’t shy away from spot cleaners. In the unlikely event that your floor mat gets stained (perhaps from a customer spilling a beverage or food on it), it’s perfectly okay to use spot cleaning products. The fibers are colorfast, so your mat won’t get discolored.
  5. Power washing is fine. If you ever perform a power washing of your parking lot, sidewalks, or floors, include your floor mat as well. A power washer on a low to medium pressure setting (or even a garden hose with a sprayer) will greatly improve the look of your mat.
  6. Don’t stick to a schedule. While periodic mat cleaning is fine, it’s better to tailor your cleaning schedules to other conditions. For instance, after a few days of bad weather and tracked-in mud, you’re better off cleaning the mat sooner instead of waiting until later to do it.
  7. Shake it off. A good, easy way to keep your mat clean is to shake it outdoors regularly. The soil and dirt will come off, and you can either put it back down or clean it more thoroughly after that.
  8. Hang it up. Whenever you do clean it with water, be sure to hang it up to dry before putting it back on the floor. The mat’s fibers and grooves work best when dry.

Following these simple steps can help your floor mat retain its like-new appearance for years to come. For questions about cleaning and care of your floor mat, feel free to contact the professionals at Ultimate Mats today.

Image credits: Ultimate Mats

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