8 Ways to Prep Your Floor Mats for Winter

by Chris Martin on May 9, 2013

As the calendar pages become fewer, the temperatures start to fall and the air begins to get a little crisper. Many businesses look forward to the winter months because of the accompanying boost in sales from holiday shopping. All of them have to undergo “winterization” processes to some extent, from checking this web on storm insurance and getting out snow shovels to inspecting heaters and formulating inclement weather contingency plans.

When getting your business ready for the wintertime, it’s important not to neglect your floor protection system. Here are eight things to do that can help you prepare your floor mats for Old Man Winter.

  1. Inspect them for damage. Since you need your mats to exhibit peak performance, you should examine them closely for imperfections. Look to see if the borders are curling or cracking, or if the backing is deteriorating. For carpeted mats, make sure there aren’t any fibers that are unraveling which could cause someone to slip on them. If a mat has several of these issues, replace it immediately.
  2. Give them a good cleaning. Some of your mats may still have stains from the summer season. Take this opportunity to thoroughly clean them and remove all stains with stain removal solutions. You want your mats to look their best for wintertime customers.
  3. Place them in strategic locations. As the weather turns colder, snow, ice, and salt may become more prevalent just outside your business. Be sure to lay down your mats in spots where people are more likely to track in moisture and mud.
  4. Move them where the customers will be. Changes in temperature often means changes in customer behavior, especially in foodservice establishments. With this in mind, you may want to move a mat from near the soda fountains to in front of the coffee dispensers, or from the ice cream counter to the hot pastry case.
  5. Use them in outdoor work areas after storms. On days when Mother Nature has dumped snow and ice on the ground, don’t hesitate to move your mats outside if you have employees working out there. The last thing you want is for a worker to slip and fall on icy ground, leaving you with a position to fill and worker’s compensation bills to pay.
  6. Don’t leave them out overnight. During the warmer months, you may have been lax about making sure your employees bring in outdoor floor mats. But with freezing temperatures on the way, be sure to assign that duty to someone on a daily basis.
  7. Plan for emergencies. Take a few minutes to determine how your floor mats might be used in extreme scenarios, like when your front sidewalk is completely icy, snow gets blown into your shop, or a frozen water pipe bursts and floods parts of your floor.
  8. Stock up on extra mats. Ultimate Mats has a great selection of both outdoor and indoor floor mats that are very effective in keeping your floors clean and safe for customers and employees. Beat the winter rush and contact Ultimate Mats today to replace your old, worn-out floor mats!

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