Anti-Fatigue Mats and 9 Other Ways to Fight Off Holiday Fatigue

by Chris Martin on December 4, 2013

For consumers, the holidays can be a joyous and wondrous time. But for most business owners, it can be a period of significant anxiety. In addition to the normal bustle of day-to-day activity, they have to order holiday products from suppliers, retrieve and dust off holiday-themed displays and merchandise, formulate and implement a holiday marketing strategy, juggle personnel schedules related to the holiday season, and still somehow remain cheerful and smiling in line with the holiday spirit. It’s no wonder that business owners often experience substantial holiday fatigue.

You know that you need to keep your stress in check in order to stay focused and maintain efficiency and productivity. So here is a list of suggestions to help you stave off holiday fatigue:

  1. Limit your overtime. True, this is easier said than done. But you should endeavor to leave your work behind as soon as possible once the day is done, especially during the holiday season when you undoubtedly have personal chores and engagements to tend to.
  2. Divide up your stressors. Don’t hesitate to delegate more than you otherwise would. And put off worrying about topics that can be addressed once the holiday season is over (like taxes, preparations for the spring selection, etc.)
  3. Start each day in a healthy way. For starters, don’t skip breakfast, or you’ll feel it by the end of the day. Try to incorporate exercise or meditation into your morning routine before you face your business to-do list.
  4. Stay fueled. Throughout the day, drink plenty of water and snack periodically in order to keep up your blood sugar. A loss of energy is a sure-fire way to invite holiday fatigue.
  5. Sneak in a break or two. Often, it can be helpful to just step away from your work for five or ten minutes. Surf the Web. Daydream. Listen to a Christmas song. This can help you recharge your batteries from time to time.
  6. Outsource holiday tasks. Look into ways that you can place holiday burdens onto others who are willing to take them on. For instance, hiring a holiday light-hanging service to decorate your business can free you up for other more important obligations.
  7. Keep it fun. It’s the holidays after all. So do what you can to foster camaraderie and enjoyment in your workplace. From wearing Santa hats to setting up a gift exchange, putting smiles on your employees’ faces can do wonders for your attitude.
  8. Do a good deed. Another measure you can take is to help someone less fortunate. Whether it’s collecting toys for kids or volunteering to serve a holiday meal to the homeless, community service can help you keep a healthy perspective on your troubles.
  9. Attend another business’s holiday event. If the shop down the block is having a holiday open house, put in an appearance and let your hair down a little bit. It can lighten your load while strengthening your business network as well.

And finally… invest in one or more anti-fatigue mats for you or your employees. For jobs that require a lot of standing, anti-fatigue mats can eliminate the aches, stiffness, and tiredness that impacts a body over time. Contact Ultimate Mats today to see about finding the perfect anti-fatigue mat for your business.

Happy holidays!

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