Are Your Floors Ready for Trick or Treaters?

by Chris Martin on April 9, 2013

Halloween is not only a fun, festive time for kids and adults alike, it can also be a financial boon for certain businesses. But even if your business isn’t a retail outlet which can sell holiday-themed merchandise, you still might want to participate in Halloween festivities. Popular options include opening your business up for trick-or-treaters on or around Halloween, or hosting an actual Halloween party for the community. These ideas can be executed either as an individual business or in conjunction with others in a given neighborhood or shopping center.

When performing all the preparations for this type of Halloween event, one area you shouldn’t neglect is the floors of your business. After all, they’ll probably see an increase in traffic, especially from little ghosts, goblins, and other costumed kids. The last thing you want is for a party attendee to slip and fall, which could potentially deflate the entire event.

Keep Floors Clean and in Good Repair

Obviously, you want to make sure your floors are clean in advance of the gathering. But you don’t want to finish cleaning or waxing them right before the event begins (like that morning, for instance). If the floors haven’t had ample time to dry, wet carpet or slick tile could be enough to cause a slip-and-fall accident.

In addition, it’s a smart move to examine your floors for imperfections. Torn carpet seams or cracked concrete or tile can be a calamity waiting to happen when you add a bunch of excited children to the mix. If you can’t repair them in time for the event, either place tape or rubber matting on top of them. Better yet, try to arrange your store so that kids never wander into areas with potentially unsafe flooring.

Have Contingency Plans

One thing you won’t be able to control is Mother Nature. Halloween night (or the day of your soiree) may bring rain, wind, snow, or ice along with your guests. It’s important to be prepared for inclement weather by having mops, brooms and dustpans, vacuums, and/or Wet Floor signs at the ready.

Finally, it’s a good idea to prepare for the worst-case scenario: A child falling and hurting himself or herself. Place a first-aid kit with bandages, hydrogen peroxide, and other supplies within reach (but away from curious kids) to address minor injuries. Always know where the closest emergency room or urgent care facility is. Most importantly, never dismiss or downplay this type of accident, even though children will usually bounce back within minutes. A caring and proactive attitude can go a long way toward avoiding bad press and/or lawsuits in the future.

Floor Mats are Smart

Of course, it would behoove you to incorporate some strategically placed floor mats into your flooring plan for the party. For trick-or-treaters, place a mat in front of your entryway. If you’re welcoming children into your business, distributing mats near common gathering areas (like near face-painting booths, games, and candy stations) is a prudent strategy.If you have a mat which displays your business name, make sure it is prominently displayed where all of the kids (and their parents) can see it.

If you need some additional interior or exterior mats for your business’s Halloween (or other holiday) activities, contact Ultimate Mats today. They’ve got a wide selection of soil-scraping, water-trapping, and logo-displaying mats that will work hard to keep your party safe and fun!

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