Custom Floor Mats for the NFL Fanatic

by Chris Martin on December 26, 2013

The first several weeks of the new year are a special time for Americans for many different reasons. There’s a sense of a new beginning that comes with the changing of the calendars. People can relax a bit after their busy holiday season. And they can enjoy the wonders of winter: snow falling, crisp winds, and warm nights by the fire.

Plus, it’s the best time of year for pro football fans. Because the NFL playoffs take place, letting fans of America’s favorite spot cheer on their favorite team.

Here’s a thought. Why not get that football fanatic in your life a custom NFL floor mat?

Endless NFL Possibilities

This mat will blend perfectly with the excitement of the NFL playoff season. Imagine a custom floor mat proudly displaying the name and/or logo of the fanatic’s favorite team, or simply a slogan related to the franchise (like “Go Pack Go!”). You can even be a bit more creative by finding a digital image of a person’s favorite athlete and putting it on the mat. Or choose any iconic image that the recipient will like (such as the newspaper headline “Cowboys Win Super Bowl XII” or an image of Dwight Clark’s “The Catch” for 49ers fans) in order to customize the mat for that fan’s individual preferences.

An NFL Mat is Practical

One reason that a floor mat is ideal for the football lover is that it’s more practical than many other NFL-themed gifts. While there may be cleverer gifts available like replica helmets, engraved hip flasks, or bobblehead dolls, an NFL could conceivably be used every day of the year. In other words, a floor mat with an NFL logo or image will look right at home not just during the playoffs, but also throughout the pro football draft, summer minicamp, and exhibition seasons.

An NFL Mat is Durable

Another benefit of an NFL mat is that it won’t lose its luster once the football season ends. Its strength and durability will allow it to scrape dirt and moisture off of footwear for years to come, all with a minimum of cleaning and care. In other words, an NFL-themed mat will maintain its like-new appearance long after that football poster tears, that team flag fades, or those logo candies are eaten.

An NFL Mat is Affordable

Finally, if you want to impress that special fan, an NFL custom floor mat won’t set you back as much as some football-themed gifts would. You may be surprised at the high cost of NFL memorabilia like autographed balls and photos, plaques and framed pictures, or commemorative programs and tickets. Plus, these items are limited in availability, meaning that a keepsake from the fan’s favorite person or event might not be obtainable.

So why not look into getting that rabid football fan a custom NFL floor mat today? It will look great anywhere, from the front door and the garage to the kitchen and the bathroom (or even inside the “man cave”!). This durable, practical, affordable item is sure to put a smile on your football fan’s face. And what better way to ring in the NFL playoffs than with a custom mat?

Image credits: Sports Fan Home

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