Custom Logo Mats for Every Budget

by Chris Martin on April 9, 2013

As a business owner, you’re trying to watch every dime that you spend. From negotiating deals with suppliers to buying products in bulk to maintaining a line info of credit, you’re always trying to avoid paying more than you have to because you know that your thriftiness will eventually pay off when you look at your bottom line.

Unfortunately, frugality often means doing without certain “extravagances” enjoyed by companies with access to more funds. Like slick TV commercials. Or an artistically-designed interior space. Even a company car.

You might think that a custom logo floor mat falls into this luxury category. Not only can this mat perform double duty as a floor cleaner and a marketing channel, it doesn’t cost as much as you think. In fact, there is a logo mat available for any type of budget.


It’s true that startup companies tend to operate on a shoestring budget, and many of these entrepreneurs even dip into their savings or hit up their family and friends for capital. But instead of plunking down a large chunk of change for a fancy sign or intricate lettering on a window, why not just allocate that money toward a custom logo mat? It will serve nicely as an identifier for your business location (especially in generic office complexes and buildings), and you can get a small 2-foot-by-3-foot logo mat for between $140 and $165.

Established Businesses

Now let’s say that your business has found its footing. You’ve got all of your processes in place, a nice stable of repeat customers, and even a little profit coming in. But you may not have enough funds for a major business upgrade, nor do you want to overspend in case a dip in revenue were to follow. You can still add a little pizzazz with a logo mat or two. Instead of freshening a sign or investing in wall lettering, just come up with a cool logo and place it around your business on floor mats. There are some websites where you can order “pre-made” logos (just add your lettering); if you buy two or more logo mats, the per-unit price will plunge. For example, instead of ordering a single 2’x3′ Classic Impressions mat for about $163, you could get two for a total of about $182. Now that’s a deal!

Flush Companies

Perhaps you’re just rolling in the dough. Your products or services are turning into a license to print money, and it’s to the point where putting some money back into your business might be advantageous for tax reasons, which is a really nice problem to have. This is where you could let your logo mat imagination run wild. Order a 6’x8′ SuperScrape Impressions mat, a 6’x12′ Classic Impressions mat, or a 6’x20′ WaterHog Inlay mat. Hire a professional design firm to come up with an eye-catching logo, and make it a display piece in the middle of the floor of your business. That will get customers’ tongues wagging!

Whatever your budget may be, Ultimate Mats can find you a logo mat that will increase your business’s image while keeping your floors clean, dry, and safe. Call Ultimate Mats today to get started!

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