Defeat Winter's Worst Slush with a WaterHog Mat

by Chris Martin on December 21, 2013

When people think about winter, many different weather-related images come to mind. There’s the crisp, cold air that envelops the outdoors. The brisk, invigorating winds that blow all around you. The soft, picturesque snow falling to the ground.

But for many business owners, the enduring picture they have of winter is something else entirely: slush. You know, the amorphous, clammy, not-quite-snow-but-not-quite-water substance that seems to be everywhere from roadsides and parking lots to sidewalks and car undersides. And this slush has a remarkable propensity to get tracked onto the interior floors of a business.

Maybe it’s time to fight back against the scourge of slush – with a WaterHog floor mat from Ultimate Mats.

The WaterHog is unlike any other entry mat on the market. Instead of just acting as a “pad” onto which customers can walk before entering your establishment, the WaterHog actively works to scrape slush, moisture, and soils off of footwear as people pass over it. (Check out this demonstration to see how much better it performs.) Furthermore, the WaterHog’s ultra-absorbent properties and its “water dam” border trap liquid so that it doesn’t seep out onto the surrounding flooring. In fact, the WaterHog can hold an astounding 1.5 gallons of water per square yard!

That’s a big reason why so many businesses have turned to WaterHog mats to prevent an “invasion” of wintertime sludge. Every WaterHog is built to last for years longer than regular off-the-shelf floor mats you can buy at a store. Their durable, “waffle pattern” construction is rubber-reinforced so that the mat nubs won’t crush over time. It’s available in a cleated backing for carpeted floors or a flat rubber backing for tile, concrete, or other solid surfaces – and both types are certified as being slip-resistant by the National Floor Safety Institute. And the WaterHog is available in a wide assortment of styles, sizes, and colors, including one which allows businesses to display their logos or names right on the mat.

Even in non-slushy seasons, the WaterHog is a sound investment for a business. Every WaterHog is easy to clean with no special solutions or cleaners required. The surface of the mat is made of polypropylene, which enables it to dry quickly without rotting or cracking. WaterHog mats also resist static, so they’re safe in places where sensitive electronics are kept. Finally, WaterHogs are environmentally-friendly, since they are made with anywhere between 15% and 43% post-consumer recycled content.

With a WaterHog heavy-duty floor mat, business owners can stop worrying about ever-present slush staining the floors of their establishments. That means not having to pull employees away from their duties to mop or vacuum the floors during the workday, or having to litter your space with Wet Floor signs. Most importantly, a WaterHog can drastically reduce the chances of a worker or customer slipping and falling on your floors – which can lead to costly lawsuits and/or worker’s compensation claims.

So why not take a stand against the winter slush? Contact Ultimate Mats today to see about getting your very own WaterHog floor mat for your business!

Image credit #3: Ultimate Mats

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