Doing the Math: Custom Logo Mats Pay for Themselves in 12 Months… Or Less!

by Chris Martin on December 8, 2013

A logo mat from Ultimate Mats is a wise investment for any business owners, whether their businesses are large, medium, small in size, or even just a little startup. First and foremost, any of their logo mats are durable, attractive, and effective at trapping dirt and moisture so that it doesn’t end up on interior floors. Plus, these mats can double as a marketing tool to help customers find a business’s front door and act as an advertisement for passersby.

But are Ultimate Mats’ logo mats worth the price?

At first blush, some business owners may balk at the sticker price of a logo mat. That’s because they’re probably comparing the cost to that of an off-the-shelf floor mat and/or a simple vinyl banner. This is an understandable initial reaction, but after taking a closer look at the value of a logo mat, the advantage becomes apparent.

This is Wendell.

Doing the Math

Let’s look at a common scenario. We’ll pretend that Wendell’s Coffee Shop is looking at a custom logo mat from Ultimate Mats. If Wendell wanted a SuperScraper Impressions outdoor logo mat that was a standard size , such as three feet by five feet, the price would be about $154 (no matter what Wendell wants to put on it). That sounds like a lot of money until you consider how much bang Wendell is getting for his buck.

The alternative would be to purchase a generic 3×5 mat from a supply store, big box retailer, or an online site. Wendell could probably find one for $20. But then, Wendell would need to purchase something that would act as marketing for his coffee shop, like a vinyl banner that he could hang in front of his business. If he looked around, Wendell could probably find a company willing to print up a three foot by eight foot banner with his business name, logo and a photo of himself on it for about $30. Since the total comes to $50, Wendell would be saving $104, right?

Looking Beyond the Math

In the short run, maybe that’s true. But let’s look at what he’s getting for his money.

SuperScraper mats are much more effective in trapping soil, mud, and water (and even oil) than mass-produced floor mats are. While an off-the-shelf mat might work in fair weather conditions, its performance would diminish sharply on rainy, snowy, or icy days where mud, salt, and water would stick to more footwear. That means that Wendell will have to pull an employee away from his or her regular duties to mop the shop floors because his flimsier mat didn’t do the job. If we assume that Wendell pays his employees the federal minimum wage of $7.25 an hour, then if he has to make his workers spend just 14 1/3 hours in a year or just 1.2 hours per month mopping floors, that eats up his $104 savings completely ($104 divided by $7.25 = about 14 1/3 hours). That may be one or two extra times each month where he needs his floors mopped because they’re dirty or wet. After that, he’s losing money.

This is also assuming that his banner works perfectly throughout the year. If it tears, weathers, or gets stained during the year, he may have to fork over another $30 for a new one. Conversely, SuperScraper Impressions mats are sturdy enough to last for several years without requiring any more cleaning than an off-the-shelf mat would. Plus, the mat could be easily brought indoors when he closes up each day, which may be tough (or impossible) to do with a tied-up or permanently-affixed banner.

In other words, a logo mat could pay for itself within 12 months (or less, if he pays his employees more than minimum wage). This makes an Ultimate Mats logo mat a much better investment in his business, because Wendell saves money in the long run.

This is the money Wendell would be saving.

If you think Wendell may be on to something, find out how a logo mat can benefit your business. Contact Ultimate Mats today!

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