5 Ways the Enviro Plus Mat Helps the Environment

by Chris Martin on May 24, 2013

It seems like all companies are claiming to be more “eco-conscious” these days. But perhaps you’re the business owner who thinks being green is more than just a slogan. You invest in CFL or LED lighting, make all of your back-office systems paperless, purchase environmentally friendly supplies and products, and recycle practically everything.

In other words, you’re the type of business owner who believes sustainability is a standard, not a luxury. When it comes to protecting your floors, you won’t settle for anything but the most eco-friendly floor mat available.

Meet the Enviro Plus interior mat from Ultimate Mats. Here are its bona fides:

  1. Its yarn is made from completely recycled material. The surface of the Enviro Plus is covered with yarns that are manufactured from 100 percent post-consumer, recycled drink bottles. Since these yarns are solution-dyed, they boast superior light-fastness and color-fastness, so they won’t fade or run. They also aren’t stained by ice melt or salt, which often gets tracked indoors during the winter months.
  2. Its backing is made from completely recycled material. The commitment to greenness can be found on the cialisdailyuse – this web bottom of the Enviro Plus as well as the top. The mat is produced with a crumb rubber backing that originates fromĀ  100 percent recycled materials that include vehicle tires. This backing acts to trap accidental liquid or solid spills so that they don’t seep onto your interior floors.
  3. The entire mat’s overall recycled content by product weight is an astonishing 89 percent. The recycled content by weight is measured by dividing the total weight of the recycled material by the product’s actual weight. For the Enviro Plus, that ratio is a whopping 89 percent. You won’t find very many products (much less floor mats) with a product weight rating that high.
  4. It doesn’t require toxic or non-environmentally friendly cleaners. Some floor mats and carpets recommend cleaning products that contain chemicals or dyes that are harmful to the environment. The Enviro Plus can be cleaned just like any regular carpet; plus, you can use biodegradable and eco-friendly cleaning products to get out any tough stains which may appear.
  5. It passes the federal non-flammability standards. Sometimes, accidents happen, like a cigarette butt or a spark from an appliance that falls onto the floor. With the Enviro Plus, such an occurrence won’t start a fire, which not only helps keep your business safer, but also eliminates the release of smoke and particulates into the air that can hurt the environment.

Sure, the Enviro Plus is a friend to the planet’s environment, but it also works hard to maximize the aesthetics of your business’s interior “environment” as well. The diamond weave pattern of its fibers (available in eight different colors to match any decor) not only form an attractive floor covering, but also works to wipe soils and moisture off of footwear and keep it off of your floors. This makes the Enviro Plus ideal for entryways, lobbies, and front doors.

In short, the Enviro Plus is the greenest floor mat on the market. To get one (or several) for your business, contact Ultimate Mats today!

Image credit: Ultimate Mats

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