Choosing the Right Waterhog Eco Series

by Chris Martin on December 23, 2013

This is the plumed basilisk lizard. A member of the iguana family, this Central American creature is so named because of their prevalent high crests on their backs and necks. You may have seen video of these reptiles literally running across water.

Well, Ultimate Mats’ WaterHog Eco Series floor mats are a lot like the plumed basilisk. They’re both green. They both have unique skills. And they both can handle water like no one else in its peer group can.

The most challenging part of the WaterHog Eco Series for business owners is choosing which of the three floor mats suits their needs. Here’s a breakdown of what each of these mats offers.


The WaterHog Eco Elite is the indoor only mat of the trio. It has a handsome herringbone pattern that looks great with all types of interior decor styles. It comes with your choice of a fashionable carpet edge or a durable rubber edge that resists curling and cracking, and it cleans easily with a hose or vacuum cleaner.


The Premier is sturdy enough for either indoor or outdoor use. Its pattern is configured in a diamond shape, and its helps keeps floors clean with its exclusive water dam feature that holds moisture in. In addition, the WaterHog Eco Premier features unmatched wicking capability so that soils and water are stored below shoe level so it cannot be tracked into your business. Like the Elite, its fibers are manufactured from 100% post-consumer recycled bottles.

Grand Premier

The main difference that is apparent with the WaterHog Eco Grand Premier is its shape; it can be ordered as a half-oval mat, a single-ended oval mat, or a double-ended oval mat. Its unique design consists of a bi-level surface that keeps debris and water trapped underneath the surface until is it cleaned out. Like the Premier, it is also safe for outdoor or indoor use.

What They All Have

The major thing that these products have in common is that they will all keep your business floors clean and free of soils. The backing of every WaterHog Eco Series floor mat is made with at least 15% to 20% recycled content from automobile tires, making them even greener than traditional WaterHog mats. Their quick-drying surfaces are available in eight different colors and are made to resist rot. Rubber nubs on the mats’ faces resist crunching, and the Tri-Grip backing is slip-resistant on both carpets and hard floor types. They all surpass industry flammability standards, and they are all capable of holding a gallon and a half of water per square yard. Each Waterhog Eco mat can be purchased in a wide variety of sizes and shapes, and all are priced affordably (especially when multiple units are ordered).

In short, you won’t go wrong when you buy a WaterHog Eco Elite, Premier, or Grand Premier floor mat from Ultimate Mats. They’re built to last for years while maintaining their undamaged appearance, and there’s simply nothing like them in the world today. (Much like the plumed basilisk lizard, come to think of it!).

Image credits: National Geographic

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