Floor Mats: The Underrated Way to Make a Good First Impression

by Chris Martin on December 21, 2013

Everybody knows about the importance of a first impression. It’s extremely essential for a business owner who is trying to gain new customers. But when does that valued “first impression” take place? When a customer is greeted after walking through the door? When he or she sees the interior of the business for the first time? Or does it even happen once a sign on the door is first noticed?

You can argue that none of these answers is true. Perhaps the first impression occurs while the customer is approaching the front door of a business. Given this, shouldn’t you put some thought into the type of floor mat that sits in front of your entry?

A SuperScrape Impressions floor mat from Ultimate Mats can help your business achieve the invaluable positive first impression. How? Simple:

  • The customer will notice the floor mat when he or she sees your door. Imagine the first impression you’ll benefit from if yours is the only floor mat in a row of entry doors in a business complex or shopping center. Especially on bad weather days. Talk about standing out from the crowd.
  • The customer will notice the quality of your floor mat. Now imagine that other nearby businesses have run-of-the-mill, store-bought floor mats and you have a SuperScrape Impressions mat. The contrast will be immediately apparent; with the implication being that your business does things right while others just pay lip service to quality.
  • The customer will notice the logo, image, or message on your SuperScrape Impressions mat. In addition to wisely combining marketing with floor protection, you’re also inserting a picture into the customer’s mind (perhaps subconsciously) before he or she steps into your business. And with SuperScrape Impressions’ vibrant colors and clearly-rendered images, you’re taking advantage of an opportunity to relate to a customer – while your competitors are letting that opportunity pass them by.
  • The customer will notice the cleanliness of your floor mat. On rainy, snowy, or icy days (or even “good weather” days with high-traffic), inferior floor mats will display the dirt, slush, salt, and water that has been tracked onto them. Not SuperScrape Impressions. It’s made to maintain its attractive appearance because its deep tread scrapes away soils and moisture and traps them beneath the mat’s surface. That means that your SuperScrape Impressions mat will be the cleanest one in the neighborhood – and customers will take note.
  • The customer won’t slip on your mat – or your floors. Every SuperScrape Impressions floor mat is certified as slip-resistant by the National Floor Safety Institute. Its 100% nitrile rubber backing holds the mat in place when people step onto it, scraping away liquid and particulates without allowing them into your business where it can make your floors unsafe. The last thing any business needs is a customer’s first impression being shaped by a slip-and-fall accident upon entering.

So why not cement an effective first impression in the minds of your customers with your floor mat? Contact Ultimate Mats today and order your superior-quality, aesthetically-pleasing SuperScrape Impressions mat today. After all, “impressions” is its middle last name!

Image credits: Ultimate Mats

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