Floor Mats: Which Color is Best for My Business?

by Chris Martin on May 12, 2013

Most business owners purchase interior and exterior floor mats as they would a tool, machine, or piece of equipment. In other words, the primary question about the product is whether it will function properly and solve a particular problem. In the case of floor mats, the problem is to prevent soil and moisture from being tracked onto office, store, or workspace floors via customers’ or employees’ footwear.

For spaces that are only accessible to workers, there may not sildenafildosage.com be any other factors involved in a floor mat purchase decision. But if the mat will be displayed in a location where it can be seen by customers, there may be some “fashion” concerns in addition to those about their function. In these cases, business owner may want a select a color that is optimal for their specific business.

Matching Mat Colors to Your Decor

If you are purchasing one or more interior mats for your business, ideally you want to match or complement the color scheme of your interior walls, carpet, ceilings, and trim. This is especially important if customers spend significant periods of time inside your business (like in a restaurant or retail store). Be sure to choose a mat that blends in well with your business surroundings.

You might want to consider choosing a logo mat that can be placed either just inside or outside your business entry. Obviously, the colors you choose should match whatever business logo you have so that your mat can be incorporated into your business marketing efforts. If you opt for a “message” mat (like “Welcome” or Come Again!”), you should pick out colors that complement your interior.

Mats as Attention-Grabbers and Mood-Setters

Another approach would be to select a mat color that stands out against the exterior of your business. For instance, if your entry is located in a generic office complex with a homogenous color scheme, choosing a yellow, orange, or hot pink mat might help draw attention to your front door. A bright colored exterior mat can give new customers a point of reference when searching for your business among several other offices on a particular floor.

Some types of businesses might benefit from an interior mat color that helps set a particular mood. For example, a holistic spa or massage therapist may want to pick out a relaxing shade like forest green, aquamarine, or light blue. In contrast, a candy store or ice cream parlor may be more appropriate for a yellow, bright red, or hot pink interior mat to play up the excitement that customers may feel when they buy a tasty treat.

Downplaying Dirt

Finally, you may want to factor functionality into your color choice. If your business entryway is steps from a parking lot that frequently becomes a grimy quagmire when it rains, choosing an orange mat that prominently displays dark mud may not be the best move. This may be another reason why a basic black mat is your best option; the color goes with almost anything and tends to “hide” dirt well.

Ultimate Mats has dozens of colors to choose from depending on the type of floor mat you need for your business. If you’re looking for a specific hue in your mat, chances are good that Ultimate Mats has it. Check out their website today!

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