Got Prestige? Custom Logo Mats for Those with Distinguished Taste

by Chris Martin on December 14, 2013

The terms “distinguished” and “floor mats” don’t usually go in the same sentence. That’s probably because people may believe that it’s impossible to have a floor mat that provides a distinguished, classy appearance at an affordable price. Until now.

Introducing the Ultimate Mats Prestige line. The indoor floor mat that is equal parts sturdy, attractive, and economical. It’s the newest member of the Ultimate Mats family, and it’s already capturing the attention of businesses and customers alike!

Prestige: The Smart Business Decision

Small business owners are always trying to get more bang for their buck. That’s the beauty of a Prestige mat: It combines janitorial functions with marketing plans. In other words, Prestige mats do an excellent job of keeping dirt, moisture, and mud off of a business’s interior floors. However, it also acts as a marketing tool for the business owner, whether it’s another means to display a company logo, a simple “Thanks for coming to Pete’s!” greeting, or a soft-sell slogan like “Melvin’s Deli: Home of the $4.99 Hoagie!” It’s a product that addresses two aspects of a small business.

Prestige: Durable and Dependable

Prestige mats aren’t just for show. They’re strategically manufactured to trap soil and moisture from footwear instead of allowing it to be tracked onto interior floors. The Nylon Type 66 carpeting is combined with a sturdy rubber backing that will prevent the mat from slipping or rolling. Prestige mats are more dependable than a mat that’s sold in an office supply store or big box retailer.

Prestige: The Way You Want It

In addition, business owners have a wide range of colors and sizes to choose from. Every Prestige mat can be designed with up to eight of the dozens of color dyes available in the Ultimate Mats color palette. In addition, Prestige mats are produced in a variety of sizes, from a small two foot by three foot mat all the way up to a six-by-twelve mat and custom sizing is also available.

Prestige: The Budget-Friendly Logo Mat

Prestige floor mats are ideal for the small business owner because of their affordable price. Another advantage is that there is no minimum order for Prestige mats like their may be with other marketing devices (like banners, signs, or flyers). That said, business owners can receive a discount if they order more than one Prestige mat and the per-unit price drops further for orders of eleven or more. This allows business owners to position Prestige mats practically anywhere from doorways to lobbies to hallways.

All Prestige floor mats are backed by the Ultimate Mats name, which is associated with high-quality and affordability throughout the floor mat industry. Whether you want an reasonably priced interior mat for your front door, or you want to adjust your marketing plan to include different messages and pictures on your mats, Prestige mats represent the ideal choice. Why settle on a generic floor mat or a logo mat with blurry colors and limited design capability, when you can purchase a Prestige mat without breaking your budget?

For more information on how to obtain a Prestige indoor floor mat for your business, contact Ultimate Mats today!

Image credits: Ultimate Mats

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