How a Custom Floor Mat Can Be a Perfect Holiday Gift

by Chris Martin on November 20, 2013

The holidays are here once again, and although for some this means fun and merriment, others dread the thought of having to make up their gift lists. That means trying to come up with numerous new and recipient-appropriate gifts again without repeating what you’ve given in prior years. It may seem that you’re always looking at the same old gadgets in the same catalogs or at the same mall stores year after year.

Here’s a novel idea: why not give that person on your list a custom floor mat? It’s especially ideal for people who are small business owners.

A custom floor mat can be personalized to suit anyone’s particular tastes or preferences. It can display the person’s name (“Welcome to Dan’s place!”), favorite sports team (“Go Tigers!”), hobby of choice (“Gearheads only!”), business name and logo (“Cynthia’s Collectibles”), or a phrase the person would appreciate (“Don’t bother me until I’ve had my coffee.”). You can customize the floor mat to demonstrate how much you admire or adore the recipient.

The best aspect of presenting a custom floor mat as a gift is its uniqueness. Think of it as the opposite of the proverbial necktie, gift card, or fruitcake gift that always seems to make its rounds during the holidays. A floor mat is nothing like that – plus, it’s an item that a person wouldn’t necessarily buy for himself or herself.

Another advantage to giving a custom floor mat is that it’s something that will potentially be used every day. It’s not a breadmaker, hand tool, or piece of jewelry which may only be functional a handful of times each year (or less). The recipient can place the floor mat at an entryway, near a sink, or anywhere else which might need a little extra floor protection – and the mat will do its job to keep floors clean and safe.

Versatility is yet another benefit of a custom floor mat. It’s not only perfect for the front door area of a home or business. A custom floor mat can be placed in a garage or similar workspace, in a kitchen or foodservice area, near a bar area, inside a bathroom, on a patio or deck, around a pool or hot tub, or even in a man cave. For business owners, a custom mat represents another way for them to market and promote their enterprise.

Finally, the benefit of a floor mat can be appreciated by anyone in the room where it lays. Everyone will take note of the name, logo, or message on the mat immediately – unlike a small knickknack, which might sit on a shelf unnoticed by most people. And even when it isn’t top of mind, a custom floor mat is working underfoot to keep a room safe for everyone. That’s because the mat absorbs moisture and soils which could otherwise lead to slip-and-fall accidents – events that are both painful and costly.

So why not think outside the box this holiday season? Give the gift of a custom floor mat to someone you love, respect, and/or admire. Check out Ultimate Mats today for a wide selection of custom floor mat to suit any business, decor, or interest.

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