How to Bring 3D to Your Doorstep with a Custom Mat

by Chris Martin on May 6, 2013

Even though they were invented almost a century ago, 3D movies have seen a huge resurgence in recent years. The genre was more of a novelty back in the 1950s, but because of the improvements in motion picture technology in the 21st century, more and more filmmakers are embracing 3D films. As a result, each modern 3D movie is an incredible visually stimulating experience for the consumer.

Now, the vibrancy and impact of 3D can be reproduced in a floor mat for your business, with a Classic Impressions custom mat from Ultimate Mats.

It’s really not accurate to refer to a Classic Impressions floor mat as a “logo mat.” After all, the image on a Classic Impressions mat doesn’t just lie there as a subtle flooring accent. On the contrary, your business’s image or logo practically leaps off the mat right at the viewer. That’s the power of a 3D image.

Classic Impressions mats benefit from the state-of-the-art printing technologies utilized by Ultimate Mats. The superior digital printing process reproduces every three-dimensional image to perfection complete with fine shading, intricate details, and eye-popping color from a palette of more than two dozen hues. This technology allows Ultimate Mats to take a digital image submitted by a business and transform it directly into a work of art for the client’s custom Classic Impressions mat.

Imagine having a custom mat with:

  • a lion that pounces at the viewer
  • a smiling child that warms the heart of everyone who sees it
  • a multicolored pinata that bombards the senses
  • the front of a car that’s “heading straight for” the viewer
  • lettering and logos that make an impression instead of just sitting on the mat

Countless Ultimate Mats customers have used Classic Impressions mats not only as protection for their floors, but also as a key part of their marketing strategies. These days, every business owner wants to stretch his or her marketing dollars as far as they can possibly go, and a Classic Impressions mat offers an excellent method of achieving this goal.Can you picture the effect of a striking 3D Classic Impressions mat on a sidewalk in front of a front door of a business? Especially if it contrasts with a row of empty doorways in a business park or office complex?

But Classic Impressions floor mats aren’t just pretty decorations. Each mat is produced with high-quality materials like BCF nylon colorfast fibers and a 100% premium rubber backing that resists curling, cracking, and deterioration even in high-traffic areas. In addition, every Classic Impressions mat is certified to be slip-resistant by the National Floor Safety Institute and consists of 15% to 20% post-consumer recycled content. And Classic Impressions mats are available in a wide variety of sizes, thicknesses, and colors; and they can be shipped to the client within five days of final image approval.

There’s no reason you should settle for a generic, off-the-shelf mat that does nothing for your business. Get a Classic Impressions custom mat that can work to keep your floors clean and promote your company brand with vivid 3D imagery! Contact Ultimate Mats today to see about getting your very own Classic Impressions mat.

Image credits: Ultimate Mats

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