How Your Entrance Matting Can be Great Marketing

by Chris Martin on December 12, 2013

As a business owner, it can be challenging to juggle multiple types of marketing channels and initiatives. Trying to measure the cost and audience numbers as compared to conversion rates and other metrics can really make your head hurt. If only your marketing practices were as simple as some of the other parts of your business.

There is one easy way to market your company: By putting a logo on a floor mat by your customer entrance.

A Logo Mat is Extra Signage That Also Protects Your Floors

One of the best types of marketing involves placing advertising or a logo on something that you have to use anyway. After all, that’s why fast-food chains don’t serve soft drinks in plain white cups. If you are planning on purchasing a floor mat to keep dirt, grime, and wetness off of the floors of your business, then you might as well have your company logo, name, or slogan put on it. Plus, you’ll have something that’s sturdier, longer-lasting, and easier to clean than almost any kind of sign that you could buy.

Speaking of signs, have you ever found yourself staring at a grouping of business names on a shopping center tower, or a list of businesses on an office building directory? It can be tricky to locate the name that you’re looking for. But it’s a lot easier to find the front door of a business in a shopping center or office complex if there’s a prominently displayed logo mat out in front of it. Not only does an exterior mat evoke an aura of professionalism, but it also serves as an identifier that helps a business stand out from its neighbors.

It’s important for customers to know not only your business address, but also where its front door is located. This is especially true for businesses which may share a wall and/or building with another tenant. A bright, welcoming exterior floor mat serves the same function as a fancy neon sign or a large arrow with flashing lights on it that reads, “(Your Business Name) is right here!” Also, you probably won’t have to deal with all of the zoning regulations, property management rules, and other bureaucratic red tape associated with erecting a traditional sign.

Logo Floor Mats Won’t Get Lost in the Crowd

In addition, a floor mat with a company logo or name acts as marketing in an area where there aren’t many advertising messages jockeying for awareness. Think about it: Billboards, newspaper coupons, and even online banner ads can easily get lost in the crowded scene of other visual information. But when consumers adjust their eyes downward, all they’re likely to see is your attractive logo mat against an empty floor or sidewalk background. How good would it feel not to have to fight numerous other entities for the attention of your potential customers?

Finally, floor mats provide you with an opportunity to explore creative marketing efforts. For example, a hotel could place different salutations on its interior mats, from “Welcome!” by a front entrance to “Bon Apetit!” near a cafe and “Have a Relaxing Day!” in front of a spa. You could also use mats to denote various merchandise sections in your store, or to tout assorted services or products in specific areas of your business.

Ultimate Mats has several different types of logo mats available depending on your specific needs, so don’t just think about mats as floor protection. Imagine all of the marketing possibilities that they can provide you with as well!

Image credits: Ultimate Mats

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