The 8 Regions with the Highest Quality Mat Needs

by Chris Martin on December 23, 2013

Ultimate Mats has garnered a reputation as being the preferred seller of high-quality exterior and interior floor mats for all types of businesses. But as a small business owner, you may be thinking that you don’t really need a superior floor mat. After all, you reason, you operate in an area where any old off-the-shelf mat will do.

This logic is not accurate for small businesses who are located in any of the following eight regions:

  1. Pacific Northwest. This part of the country is known for rain and lots of it. Since the ground always seems to be wet, you need a mat like the WaterHog that can trap a gallon and a half of water per square yard, so it stays off of your interior floors where customers could slip and fall.
  2. Midwest (and Alaska). In the wintertime, these areas can see heavy snowfalls and periods where snow is ever-present on outdoor surfaces. As a result, municipalities and businesses use salt to melt the snow. A run-of-the-mill floor mat might not scrape this salt off of footwear very well.
  3. Northeast. The changing weather patterns and rich soils combine to form thick mud. If a business owner wants to keep his or her carpets looking clean, a superior mat like the SuperScraper can trap that mud at the door, even in high-traffic areas.
  4. Coastal regions (and Hawaii). If your business is within a short drive (or walk) to a beach, you are quite familiar with the invasive qualities of sand. It can get into clothes, bags, and cars ¬†but a sturdy floor mat will keep the sand off of your business’s floors.
  5. South. The southern U.S. is home to colorful clay soils, which tends to stick to shoes more firmly than standard dirt. This clay can easily get tracked into your business and desecrate your floors  unless you have a SuperScraper at the door to keep that from happening.
  6. Southwest. Sure, there’s lots of desert sand, but this region also contains numerous tiny rocks which get caught in sole treads easily. If these aren’t removed by a high-quality floor mat, they can gather on a tile floor and pose a slipping hazard for customers.
  7. Urban environments. There’s more asphalt than earth in the big city. Which means dogs have nowhere to do their business except in places where people walk, and then track into businesses who lack a substance-trapping floor mat. Gross!
  8. Rural areas. No high rises, city buses, or traffic lights. Just the great outdoors on top of a whole lot of dirt. In fact, your business interior is one of the few “dirt-free” spots in a rural region. Get a good floor mat to keep it that way.

Chances are you business is located in one (or more) of these eight areas whose businesses are in dire need of a high-quality floor mat. Why not contact Ultimate Mats today to see about getting a WaterHog, SuperScraper, or even a Logo floor mat at a price that’s more affordable than you think?

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