The Importance of Floor Mats for the Holiday Shopping Season

by Chris Martin on December 9, 2013

As a business owner, you likely earn a significant portion of your annual revenue during the holiday shopping season. So you put in a lot of time and effort making sure that everything in your establishment is ready to handle the increased traffic and interest in your place of business. That means procuring and displaying extra merchandise, decorating your interior space appropriately, and arranging for extra personnel throughout the holidays.

But one thing that you should not overlook is your floor protection. That means strategically placing floor mats throughout your business. Because neglecting this area of your business can potentially have disastrous consequences.

More People = More Possibility of Accidents

Ideally, you are going to see a greater number of people enter your business during the final several weeks of the year. And when more people are moving around in a limited area, the chances for some type of mishap increase. For instance, people may not be watching for others who walk through your front door as they are moving in or out of your business. Also, a customer could inadvertently track moisture in on inclement weather days. And if you have a situation where a rush of people descend upon your front door or checkout counter, all it takes is a little shove to send a customer sprawling onto the floor.

Slips, Falls Happen All the Time

Don’t think it can’t happen to you. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, over two million people each year suffer injuries from a fall that are caused at least in part by floors or flooring materials. In addition, someone visits an emergency room in the U.S. for a slip-and-fall accident about once every 32 seconds. And falls comprise the number one cause of accidental injuries in America, beating out lacerations, burns, and even motor vehicle collisions.

Falls Can Be Costly For Your Business

You probably know that if someone slips, falls, and injures himself or herself in your establishment, they may have solid grounds to file a lawsuit against your business in order to recoup medical costs and related damages. This means that you have to allocate more time to address the suit instead of focusing on your day-to-day business duties, as well as a possible increase in your business insurance premiums, and even the possibility of bankrupting your business altogether if you aren’t properly insured. Furthermore, if it can be demonstrated that you could have placed floor mats at the spot where the plaintiff fell, the odds of an unfavorable outcome to such a lawsuit increase drastically.

How Floor Mats Can Help

However, some durable floor mats from Ultimate Mats can reduce the odds of slip-and-fall accidents occurring in your business. Putting a WaterHog or a SuperScrape mat just outside or inside your front door can grab moisture and soils so that they aren’t scattered onto your floors. It’s also wise to lay interior floor mats like a ColorStar, Tri-Grip, or Enviro Plus mat near your customer service counters and other high-traffic areas to keep people from slipping in crowded areas. If you like, you can invest in a logo mat as a nice accent to your overall marketing strategy.

The holidays can be stressful enough for shoppers and business owners alike. Don’t add to the stress by failing to do everything you can to prevent a slip-and-fall accident in your business. Contact Ultimate Mats today to see which high-quality floor mats are perfect for you.

Image credits (#1, #3): Ultimate Mats

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