Thrill a Sports Fan This Holiday Season with a Custom Mat

by Chris Martin on May 4, 2013

The holidays are approaching again. That means making up another gift list for family, friends, and colleagues. For many, this can be the most stressful time of what is supposed to be a fun and festive season.

Chances are, you have an avid sports fan or two on that list. In theory, this might simplify your choice of gift, especially if the team is popular or well-known. But as you’ve undoubtedly discovered, many sports team-related gifts are either too unimaginative (logo T-shirt), too cheesy (team toilet paper), or too expensive (signed football helmet from favorite player). So what are you supposed to do?

Easy. Get that sports fan a custom floor mat.

Let your gift recipient enjoy a thoughtful and functional gift all year long, even when his favorite team’s sport is out of season. A sports custom mat could contain any of the following:

  • Team logo (Cleveland Indians mascot)
  • Team name (Indiana Hoosiers)
  • Team slogan (J-E-T-S! Jets! Jets! Jets!)
  • Image of an athlete (Tiger Woods)
  • Image of a newspaper headline (Celtics Win Title!)
  • Any iconic image (Dario Franchitti in the winner’s circle)

A sports-themed custom mat is a durable gift that won’t fall apart by springtime. It’s also sensible in that it can help keep floors of all types clean and dirt-free. And here’s the best part: A custom mat can be personalized to display images or logos of any sport or team – even ones which are obscure like Wabash College, Queen’s Park Rangers, or South Side Dawgs Softball Club.

And if you care deeply about this person’s well-being, a custom mat can actually help protect the gift recipient from injury. When you present the gift, you don’t have to point out to your loved one that the mat will help keep floors dry and soil-free. Or that wet or dirty floors are one of the leading causes of slip-and-fall accidents. Or that slip-and-fall accidents frequently occur in the home and are part of the category which represent the largest number of serious injuries for certain age groups in the U.S. Or even that slip-and-fall accident can cost tens of thousands of dollars in medical costs and possibly leave the victim debilitated for the rest of his or her life.

But perhaps the most attractive quality of a sports-themed custom mat is its versatility. This mat lends itself to being cialis 5 mg best price displayed in any one of a variety of places, including:

  • Front door (to keep people from tracking dirt indoors)
  • Garage (to absorb oils, lubricants, and other substances)
  • Kitchen (to protect against wet tile floors)
  • Bathroom (to prevent slips and falls after bathing)
  • Patio (so grass or soil on guests’ footwear won’t end up inside your home)
  • Pool area (to make the flooring less slippery)
  • Man cave (where fans will undoubtedly spill beer, sodas, or dips)

A custom mat is an ideal gift for the sports fan because it’s innovative (unlike the T-shirt), practical (not cheesy), and affordable (as opposed to sports memorabilia). So why not express your affection for that fan on your gift list with a sports-themed custom mat this holiday season?

Image credit #1: Wisconsin Historical Images

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