Which Companies' Workers Benefit the Most from Anti-Fatigue Mats?

by Chris Martin on December 27, 2013

Standing on hard surfaces for long periods of time has been shown to take a significant physical toll on the body. When the body is stationary, the flexed muscles can restrict blood flow to feet, legs, and even the torso, which leads to fatigue, discomfort, and reduced productivity in the workplace. Anti-fatigue mats help facilitate the blood flow so that fatigue does not set in.

A wide range of businesses can reap the advantages offered by anti-fatigue mats if their employees must be on their feet all day. Here are some of the companies whose employees would benefit the most.

  • Restaurant workers. Waitstaff and servers are usually pretty mobile, but cooks, dishwashers, and even counter staff tend to stay in one place. When a lunch or dinner rush hits, you want all of your employees to be rested and at the top of their game.
  • Cafeteria personnel. Workers who stand and serve food to passing customers are great candidates for these types of mats. And since food service is involved, you don’t want these people to get fatigued, make an error, and possibly harm a customer by mistake.
  • Retail employees. If your associates walk around the store floor a lot, then they may not need anti-fatigue mats. However, if your business requires personnel to stand at checkout stands for most of their shift, these mats can do some good.
  • Hotel staff. Hospitality properties usually require someone to man the registration desk (or concierge stand) at all times. Anti-fatigue mats for these folks can keep them alert and friendly, even during overnight shifts.
  • Assembly line workers. This term refers to companies whose employees perform the same task repeatedly as goods move toward them on a conveyor belt or assembly line. Manufacturing, packaging, or mail sorting businesses fall into this category.
  • Laboratory staff. Science labs aren’t just for universities anymore. Many third-party businesses perform lab tests outsourced to them by health care facilities, petroleum companies, or even law enforcement agencies, and lab employees must often stand for awhile and monitor scientific equipment.
  • Security personnel. If your company provides security personnel for events or properties, then your workers may very well be asked to stand in one spot for an entire shift. Take the stress off of their feet, legs, and back with an anti-fatigue mat.

  • Ticket takers. Likewise, if you employ ushers or gate agents to monitor admission at buildings or gatherings, they’ll probably have to stand for hours on end as well. The odds are good that they’ll have to stand on concrete, tile, or another hard surface.
  • Greeters. You may want to employ a designated greeter for your storefront. Or maybe this is another function that is outsourced to your company by your clients. Either way, greeters need to be happy to be effective, which means keeping them as fatigue-free as possible.
  • Hair stylists. Salons and barber shops almost always have hard tile floors, and your stylists work long hours. Do you really want workers with sharp or hot objects being fatigued while working so closely to customers’ heads?

For many businesses, anti-fatigue mats are not luxury items. They are integral tools that allow employees to remain focused and comfortable, which is what every business owner wants. If you think your business would benefit from one or more anti-fatigue mats, contact Ultimate Mats today and check out their line of durable, high-quality anti-fatigue mats.

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