Why Even Small Businesses Need Logo Mats

by Chris Martin on December 18, 2013

Small businesses succeed in part because they are able to determine the important from the superfluous. They know not to spend precious funds on luxuries and frills that aren’t absolutely essential for their business to succeed. Nowadays, technology has given small business owners access to products and services that only the big corporations used to be able to afford.

So where does a custom logo mat fall on the spectrum of necessity? Is it an opulent extra that’s only practical for billion-dollar companies? Or is it an item that can have actual benefits for a small business?

It’s a Mat AND a Sign

The best advantage to having a logo mat is that it acts asĀ  additional signage for a small business. That can be important for a business which only has one sign to mark its location. And when the costs are compared, a logo mat is usually less expensive less than a permanent sign.

A logo mat may also be valuable if the business sits in an office complex or strip shopping center. Even if potential customers know the address, the front door of this type of business may not always be obvious. But a colorful logo mat in front of the entry will instantly set the business apart from its neighbors.

And for businesses who are trying to stretch their spending dollars, a logo mat kills two birds with one stone. In other words, it can serve as both floor protection and marketing for the business. This is helpful for business owners who are trying to cut their overhead as much as possible.

Logo Mats Create an Image of a Business

But a logo mat does more than identify a business. It can also help set the tone for a customer who is about to walk into the establishment. The style, color scheme, and message on a logo mat can give customers a taste of what the business and its management are like – which is invaluable to consumers who know little or nothing about the business.

Also, a logo mat can help generate a positive image of the business in the consumer’s mind. A customer who sees an attractive, sturdy logo mat might subconsciously assign some of its qualities to the business itself. For instance, he or she might notice the attention to detail, the significant quality of the mat, or the willingness to provide floor protection and assume that the business owner feels much the same way about his or her business.

Safe and Inexpensive

Perhaps most importantly, a logo mat can play a large role in the safety of customers and employees. A hard-working logo mat can remove the moisture and soils from footwear and keep it from being tracked onto the business floor inside. That can go a long way toward preventing slip-and-fall accidents, which can be a substantial drain on a business owner’s time and finances.

And here’s the best news: a logo mat does not have to be expensive! Ultimate Mats can provide business with affordable, eye-catching logo mats like the Classic Impressions or the Prestige. So if you’re a small business owner, a logo mat is a smart, effective investment for your business. Contact Ultimate Mats today to see about getting your very own logo mat.

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