Why Natural Stone Floors Need Entrance Mats

by Chris Martin on December 13, 2013

Some homeowners and business owners like to make a statement with one or more interior design elements. A common way that they express their tastes is through their choice of flooring. Lots of people eschew standard tile, carpet, or laminated flooring in favor of the rich, distinctive look of natural stone, with materials such as limestone, slate, marble, or granite. For these distinguished flooring types, it is even more imperative that a high-quality entry mat is used in conjunction with the natural stone flooring.

The most obvious reason is because an entry mat is a way to protect your investment. After all, natural stone flooring is not cheap, with costs running as much as twice the price of regular laminate products. Placing an entry mat near the door is a way to prevent outdoor soils and moisture from winding up on your expensive stone floors.

Limestone is a common choice because it isn’t as hard as some of its other natural stone counterparts, and it’s also fairly impervious to staining. However, limestone can be slippery for those walking on it, so an entry mat can make the transition between surfaces a little easier. Also, limestone (like most natural stone) tends to conduct cold more effectively than tile or laminate, so it can be chilly for people with softer shoes; an entry mat can help with this issue as well.

Slate is perhaps the most versatile natural stone category because it looks at home in both rustic and elegant interiors; plus, it’s more slip-resistant than limestone. However, it does have to propensity to chip, peel or crack, especially if a heavy object is dropped on it. So if someone tries to open the door to your home or business while carrying something bulky, you may feel better about having an entry mat atop the slate floor should the individual accidentally drop what he or she is holding.

Some people believe that marble is the most aesthetically-pleasing natural stone flooring choice around. But this beauty comes with a drawback: marble is not only slippery and prone to chipping, it is also quite porous and therefore subject to stains. An entry mat can mitigate the risk of a person spilling coffee, orange juice, or another liquid onto a gorgeous marble floor.

Arguably the most durable natural stone flooring choice is granite. It stands up very well to stains, cracking, heat and moisture and is available in a variety of matte, textured, or shiny finishes. However, gritty or shattered items can scratch granite if not identified and cleaned up up promptly – though this is less likely to happen if an entry mat is present.

In short, if you’re going to spend the money on natural stone flooring, you shouldn’t cut corners by forgoing the purchase of an entry mat. Ultimate Mats has a wide selection of entry mats depending on your particular needs, including the WaterHog, SuperScraper, and ColorStar mats; and businesses can increase their marketing presence with a durable logo mat. If you need assistance in determining which entry mat works best with your natural stone floor, contact the experts at Ultimate Mats today.

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