Why You Need a WaterHog

by Chris Martin on May 11, 2013

If your business operates in a climate with significant precipitation, then you probably have first-hand knowledge of the difficulties about maintaining a clean workspace or customer area. In fact, you can probably recall days where you spent most of your time mopping and drying floors or vacuuming dirt or sand out of carpets only to turn around and see it get dirty once again.

One option is to put a floor mat near your entryway, but (as you may already know) that doesn’t always get the job done on days with inclement weather. What you need is a product that can act as a barrier between the messy outdoors and your clean indoor space.

“Oh, man! That’s gonna get tracked in all over the place!”

In other words, you need a WaterHog.

The WaterHog by Ultimate Mats vastly outperforms standard floor mats when it comes to keeping floors dry and unspoiled. Here are several reasons why you need a WaterHog in your place of business:

  • It actually helps scrape shoes clean. The WaterHog isn’t just an outdoor-to-indoor transitional mat. Its unique design works to scrape dirt, sand, mud, salt, and other debris off of the soles of footwear. Tests have demonstrated a marked difference in performance between a WaterHog and a basic floor mat supplied by a rental company.
  • It’s built to last. Each WaterHog is constructed with a crush-proof waffle design which is substantially more effective than weak nylon fibers at removing shoe debris. Plus, the WaterHog’s rubber-reinforced face nubs ensure that its surface won’t deteriorate easily, but instead will provide many years of consistent results.
  • Its water absorbency is unmatched. With a name like WaterHog, you know that it absorbs moisture better than any of its competitors. The secret is the exclusive “Water Dam” on the mat’s border which can hold up to a gallon and a half of water per square yard, keeping it from seeping onto the floor of your workspace.
  • It’s easy to clean. WaterHog mats don’t require the use of any special brushes, vacuum attachments, or cleaning products. That’s because WaterHogs can be rinsed clean with a hose and then hung up to dry with no scrubbing or vacuuming needed! They will retain their “like-new” appearance for years to come.

You won’t need to use this on your mats.

  • It works on carpets and floors. WaterHogs are available with two different backing types: clawed (for carpets and rugs) and smooth (for tile, concrete, and wood floors).  When you have the proper backing, the floor mat is much less likely to slip or slide when people walk across it.
  • It’s available in different designs. You can choose from a WaterHog Classic, WaterHog Grand Classic, WaterHog Fashion, or WaterHog Classic Fashion Diamond. Even a floor mat from the WaterHog Eco line that is made with recycled materials. Whatever your interior decor, there’s a WaterHog that will blend in nicely with it.

Perhaps the most valuable component of a WaterHog floor mat is the peace of mind it provides you. Not only does it eliminate the need for constant floor cleaning due to tracked-in debris, but the WaterHog also provides a dry and safe surface for your employees and customers; you don’t need to worry about slip-and-fall accidents and injuries on your property. When you take that into consideration, an investment in a WaterHog mat is an excellent business decision for the long-term.

This might even home gather dust in your storage closet.

Contact Ultimate Mats today and learn more about their full line of WaterHog floor mats!

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