You Won a Free Floor Mat! Now What?

by Chris Martin on December 24, 2013


You are the lucky winner of a free WaterHog floor mat from Ultimate Mats! You went to Ultimate Mats’ Facebook page, Liked it, and were the lucky recipient selected in the monthly drawing! Now you can experience first-hand how the WaterHog traps water and soils and prevents it from being tracked into your business and you didn’t even have to pay for it!

Imagine what you can do with the money you would have spent to purchase a WaterHog. For instance, you can:

  • Buy a door chime for your front door to go with your free entry mat. Then you can hear whenever someone walks onto your WaterHog and enters your business.
  • Purchase a digital atomic clock which you can mount on the wall near the employee entrance. Then there will never be any more misunderstandings about whether a worker is late or not.
  • Obtain a sharp-looking picture frame for your work area. You can use it to display a photo of the Employee of the Month.
  • Procure an aesthetically-pleasing piece of wall art for your customer area, or a cool-looking beer sign; whatever suits your business decor better.
  • Get two box fans to help your workers keep cool. Put them in the kitchen or near the storage area where little air circulates.
  • Have extra keys made for your front and back doors of your business. You won’t have to be the one who always opens up in the morning and locks up at night.
  • Order a gift card to Amazon or a local retailer as a workplace incentive. Give it to the employee who makes the most sales or best performs his or her job duties in a given time period.
  • Have two signs made that instruct employees to “Wash Their Hands Before Returning To Work.” If you own an eatery, the last thing you want is dirty-handed foodservice workers.
  • Allocate four hours of work for an employee to stand on a nearby corner or sidewalk and twirl one of those signs that advertises your business. Sign-twirlers are cool.
  • Have a stack of bumper stickers with your business name and logo printed up. Hand them out to customers or have workers surreptitiously stick them on random cars in the parking lot.
  • Order some of those promotional items with your business logo on them. Like plastic cups, key chains, ballpoint pens, or those nifty temporary tattoos that only cost about a nickel each.
  • Buy two Eco-Friendly Toilet Smell Killers for your men’s and women’s rooms. You know why.
  • Purchase fifty lottery tickets. Who knows, you might just get the lucky numbers so you don’t have to come to work anymore.
  • Acquire a fairly nice bottle of Scotch. It will help you forget those especially bad workdays.
  • Order more mops, vacuum bags, and cleaning supplies. On second thought, your WaterHog will perform so beautifully that you may not need those at all!

One more thing: You may be so impressed with the WaterHog, you may want to look into other floor mat products offered by Ultimate Mats. Visit their website today!


Image credit #2: Ultimate Mats

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