Your Guide to the Perfect Impression Mat Color

by Chris Martin on December 24, 2013

A Classic Impressions mat by Ultimate Mats can add just the right aesthetic touch to any business. In addition, this handsome floor covering can perform double duty as a marketing tool while it protects your interior floors from soils and moisture. By putting your business name, logo, slogan, or favorite catchphrase on a Classic Impressions mat, you can reinforce the image or idea of your business in your customers’ minds.

On that note, what color(s) should be on your Classic Impressions logo mat?

Obviously, if you’ve carefully chosen the colors for your logo, they should be the ones that appear on your mat. This is especially true if your business logo incorporates a distinct background color. However, many business logos are either black-and-white creations by default or are printed in various colors depending on the medium. If you only want the name of your business or other text on your Classic Impressions mat, then you probably aren’t tied to a single color or combination.

Designers and marketing types will tell you that certain colors have been paired with specific qualities, moods, or emotions over the years. Although you will likely appreciate any positive adjective that is associated with your business, it’s often wise to stop and consider what your company’s core values really are. Once you do that, you can help portray these values through your use of colors in your marketing, and on your Classic Impressions mat.

Here is a color guide to get you started:

Color: Red

Which companies use it: Target, Coca-Cola, Kellogg’s

What it’s associated with: Energy, boldness, youthfulness

Classic Impressions choices: Red, Rose, Burgundy

Color: Yellow

Which companies use it: Best Buy, McDonalds, Hertz

What it’s associated with: Warmth, clarity, optimism

Classic Impressions choices: Yellow, Gold, Dark Gold

Color: Blue

Which companies use it: Facebook, Wal-Mart, American Express

What it’s associated with: Trust, security, strength

Classic Impressions choices: Royal Blue, Light Blue, Navy

Color: Green

Which companies use it: Starbucks, John Deere, Whole Foods

What it’s associated with: Growth, health, wealth

Classic Impressions choices: Moss Green, Emerald Green, Forest Green

Color: Purple

Which companies use it: Yahoo!, Taco Bell,

What it’s associated with: Imagination, wisdom, tranquility

Classic Impressions choices: Purple, Burgundy

Color: Orange

Which companies use it: Firefox, Fanta, Nickelodeon

What it’s associated with: Cheerfulness, confidence, aggressiveness

Classic Impressions choices: Orange

Color: Gray

Which companies use it: Apple, Honda, BMW

What it’s associated with: Neutrality, calm, elegance

Classic Impressions choices: Dark Grey, Silver, White Silver

Color: Black

Which companies use it: Amazon, New York Times, Oakland Raiders

What it’s associated with: Power, sleekness, luxury

Classic Impressions choices: Black

Color: Multicolored

Which companies use it: NBC, Google, eBay

What it’s associated with: Diversity, inclusiveness, whimsy

Classic Impressions choices: 25 of them

If you’re having trouble deciding on the perfect color for your Classic Impressions mat, or you just want some advice or another opinion, feel free to contact any of the Ultimate Mats representatives and pick their brains. They will do everything they can to make sure that you are completely satisfied with the look of your Classic Impressions logo mat!

Image credits: Ultimate Mats

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