February 2014

Custom Mats for Dishwashers

February 28, 2014

If you want to run a successful food service establishment, you need to have help from every single member of your team. You can’t simply rely on your chef and cooking staff. Nor can you place all of your trust in your servers and hostesses. It’s not even solely about your sales and marketing personnel […]

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Entrance Mats: What Are Your Options?

February 25, 2014

For many years, there were really only two choices when it came to entrance mats. You could either buy a consumer-sized “Welcome” mat or an industrial-size generic-looking floor mat. But today, there are numerous options in the entrance mat marketplace. It’s much easier to purchase a mat that perfectly suits your individual needs as a […]

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Could Personalized Mats Be Your Next Family Tradition?

February 22, 2014

Whether they’re formal or unspoken, almost every family has some sort of tradition. Whether it’s an annual ritual like attending Christmas church services or going on a summer beach vacation, or something quirky like singing “Happy Birthday” off-key to family members or having snowball fights on winter days, these traditions help reinforce family unity and […]

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Watch Your Step! Which Floors are the Slipperiest?

February 19, 2014

One of the scariest events that can happen to a business owner is a slip-and-fall accident in his or her store or office. Not only are these incidents painful for the victims, but they are also costly for the business owners as well.  In most states, the business must cover the medical costs of the […]

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10 Ways to Get Rid of Foot Fatigue

February 16, 2014

There seem to be countless products available to treat fatigue and soreness in the head and torso. From headache pain relievers to heated neck wraps to handheld shoulder massagers, the marketplace seems to have this consumer niche covered pretty well. But what about the other end of the body? Foot fatigue can be a serious […]

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What Can You Accomplish with a Quality Logo Mat?

February 13, 2014

Smart business owners don’t throw money at things they like or that look snazzy. They have to rationalize every purchase with some sort of function. For instance, a new piece of equipment must create more or better products in order to be cost-effective. That state-of-the-art checkout computer had better reduce transaction times and improve bookkeeping […]

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The ‘Green’ DNA in Our Floor Mats

February 10, 2014

These days, everybody says that they are eco-friendly. But in reality, many companies just pay lip service in their efforts to improve the environment. They may have a recycling bin for office paper, put out an extra container for aluminum cans or plastic bottles, or commemorate Earth Day in some way every year – but […]

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15 Smart Decorating Ideas for Your Foyer

February 6, 2014

Homeowners spend a lot of time and money on interior design in their dens and family rooms. They also like to play around with the fixtures and wall colors found in their bathrooms. And the uber-creative types love to give their kitchens a complete makeover. But so many people neglect to address the area of […]

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How to Care for Your WaterHog Mat

February 3, 2014

You’ve purchased a durable, attractive WaterHog floor mat for your business. Congratulations! You will soon come to appreciate how wonderfully it traps copious amounts of liquid and prevents all kinds of soil, dirt, and mud from making it to the interior floors of your shop, store, or office. But it’s important to keep in mind […]

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