June 2014

Battle Royale: Roomba vs. Floor Mats

June 30, 2014

It’s always a big decision for business owners as to when to upgrade to new technology. Whether it involves a cash register, credit card processing device, or piece of back-room equipment, entrepreneurs have to weigh the benefits of the latest-and-greatest against the costs of purchasing it. This decision-making process also affects how they wish to […]

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Cooking It Up With Anti-Fatigue Mats

June 28, 2014

Anti-fatigue mats can be advantageous for employees who work in a wide variety of occupations. Checkout clerks, assembly line workers, and security personnel are some of the people who commonly stand on anti-fatigue mats throughout their workday. But another industry that can benefit from the use of anti-fatigue mats is foodservice. Why are chefs notoriously […]

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How Many SuperScrape Mats Does it Take …

June 26, 2014

SuperScrape floor mats from Ultimate Mats are specifically engineered to scrape away dirt, mud, and moisture from footwear so that it doesn’t get tracked onto the floors of a home or business. Its heavy-duty rubber construction provides superior durability for many years, and its high tread hides particulates in the bottom of the mat where […]

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When Not to Suck: 12 Messes You Should Never Vacuum Up

June 24, 2014

Today’s technological advances in home appliances and gadgets can greatly simplify the life of a homeowner. But there’s one important caveat: these machines and devices are only effective when they are used for their intended purposes. Otherwise, they can actually create problems instead of solving them. For instance, it’s not a wise practice to wash […]

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These People Seriously Love their Floor Mats

June 22, 2014

We can talk all day about the advantages, benefits, and positive qualities about Ultimate Mats floor mats. But we’ve often found that the best feedback comes from the people who have already bought our floor mats. So let’s see what these people have to say. Anti-fatigue mats add safety and comfort. Let’s begin with Sandra […]

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12 Things your Employees Want (Besides a Raise)

June 20, 2014

Have you ever seen those survey results on Web sites that are incredibly unsurprising? You know, like “89% of Americans would prefer to pay less taxes” or “More than four out of five home sellers surveyed want more money for their house.” Well, duh! When you give people a choice between more money and less […]

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Quick Guide to Stain Removal for Floor Mats

June 18, 2014

All of the floor mats manufactured by Ultimate Mats are designed to keep the floors of your home or business clean and dry. Of course, if you perform periodic maintenance on your mats, they will last a long time while keeping their like-new appearance. But even if you are meticulous about having clean mats and […]

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How To Select Floor Mats In The Right Size

June 14, 2014

You want to keep your floors as protected from dirt, mud, and water as possible. But you can’t buy floor mats for your entire floor space. Therefore, you should try to purchase the biggest floor mat that you can afford. Right? Not necessarily. A floor mat that is too large can cause other issues throughout […]

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How to Vacuum Floor Mats

June 12, 2014

Not everyone fully appreciates the value of vacuuming and the aptitude it takes to do it well. That’s often apparent when you look into the eyes of a kid or an employee when they are asked to vacuum the floor. They probably see it as a thankless, cumbersome, humdrum chore. In fact, they may think […]

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