July 2014

Which Logo Mat Works Best For Your Business?

July 28, 2014

Being able to multitask is a valuable skill for a business owner to have. That’s why a high-quality logo floor mat from Ultimate Mats is a worthwhile investment for any business. This multitasking mat not only helps protect floors from dirt and moisture, but it also acts as a marketing tool to promote the brand, […]

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It Could Happen: What a Slip-and-Fall Lawsuit Looks Like

July 26, 2014

Business owners spend a lot of time and energy trying to anticipate future events and plan for contingencies. So they order more inventory before depleting current stocks, tweak their marketing and sales strategies to capitalize on current trends, and schedule additional personnel when they think they will see a surge of customers. But these people […]

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An Ultimate Mat in Every Room!

July 24, 2014

It’s quite evident that the durable, high-quality floor mats from Ultimate Mats are outstanding for businesses. All of these mats provide excellent floor protection to help keep floors clean and dry. They also maintain a safe atmosphere for customers and employees by minimizing the chances of slip-and-fall accidents. But what Americans are just now starting […]

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Ultimate Mats’ Favorite ‘Matts’

July 22, 2014

For years, people have been telling us at Ultimate Mats how much they love their floor mats. They rave about their beauty, durability, longevity, quality, and much more. (You can see a sampling of their comments¬†here.) It has become clear that the products we have sold to them have become their favorite mats. We love […]

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6 ‘Ultimate’ Things That Live up to Ultimate Mats’ Standards

July 20, 2014

There’s a reason that we decided to call our company “Ultimate Mats.” Sure, we could have gone with another adjective such as superior, exceptional, incomparable, extraordinary, or fantastic. And all of the floor mats that we offer can certainly be described this way. But then we realized that all of these qualities can be summed […]

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Cha-Ching! An Examination of Ultimate Mats’ Cost Savings

July 18, 2014

If you’re a typical business owner, you do everything that you possibly can within reason to keep your costs as low as possible. That means negotiating supplier contracts, engaging in comparison shopping for supplies and equipment, and constantly striving to do more with less. Because you know that the more money you can save, the […]

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Stars Aligned: How ColorStar Mats Are Like Other ‘Stars’

July 16, 2014

Most businesses have floor mats placed just outside or inside their entryways. But if you want your floors to stay clean even when no one enters or exits, you’ll also need some interior mats. The ColorStar and ColorStar Crunch mats from Ultimate Mats provide unmatched floor protection to help keep your workplace clean, dry, and […]

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Slip-And-Fall Prevention Experts: The National Floor Safety Institute

July 14, 2014

For almost a century, films (and later TV shows) have drawn countless laughs through slapstick comedy, much of which involved people falling down. But in reality, a slip-and-fall accident can be quite serious, painful, and even debilitating. In fact, hundreds of thousands of emergency room visits are made each year by people who have injured […]

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Hillary’s Fall: The Consequences of a Slip-and-Fall Accident

July 12, 2014

Falls are the most common type of accidents seen in the United States, even more so than motor vehicle crashes. About a million people are treated in American emergency rooms for injuries sustained from falls each year. Some people may believe that almost all of these accidents result in minor injuries such as bruises, lacerations, […]

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Not Just a Tiny Shock: The Dangers of Static Electricity

July 10, 2014

Everyone knows that untamed electricity can cause severe damage. Frayed wiring can often ignite and cause a fire in a building. A broken electricity wire that touches water can injure (or kill) anyone who might be nearby. And lightning strikes have the potential to cause major damage or fatalities. And then there’s static electricity, which […]

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